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Dearest Waterkiddo

I can’t bear Waterkid’s posts any longer; I mean I’ll gladly weave the ashen wrath of Waterkid in my skin if he replies. Of course you’re going to read my rampant post, and you’ll more than likely go back to the LT tab you have on your Chrome browser, link it, and laugh it off as if you’re a mirthful penguin being pelted with scud missiles. And you’re probably going to ask who would be happy being pelted with scud missiles. I know you would, given he fact you have some sort of Hitler fetish.

Oh, and I can’t forget your mangled ego. I’m sure you didn’t know this, but your ego is so big that it wouldn’t even fit in Spi’s briefcase, and that’s saying something. I mean seriously, just take a peek in Spi’s briefcase, it’s full of different army CV’s he’s filled out. You’re like a lukeworm of poision dwelling in the underbelly of this community, but I’m sure you have been told this on more than one occasion.


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