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Dear Miners

Dear Miners,

As we’re all obviously aware, the People’s Greater Underground Union, has launched a campaign, entitled Operation Torch, to eradicate the “Miners Army”, as per orders from our esteemed Premiership. More information concerning this can be read on the Declaration of War. This post is directed to all those who claim to be in the Miners.

The Miners do not deserve to taste the sweetness of success. Why? If you check their site, you’ll see that they claim to have smashed the 20 barrier on Club Penguin last week – the sole reason why they are ahead of us on the Club Penguin Army Central rankings. However, they rely HEAVILY on rouges.  Their tactics are simply appalling. We are disgusted by their ludicrous manipulation that’s allowed them to sway people into believing they’re a force not to be reckoned with. Justice has to be served. It is our duty, as the legendary Underground Mafias Army, to liberate Club Penguin Warfare from this joke of an army, to wipe them from the face of the earth. No one has the right to stand in our way whilst we ascend to the top.

It’s true that we want to expand our nation, yet at the same time, our enemies claim authority over our own territory, the server Sabertooth an example. I guess they must pay for their mistakes. You see, if you mess with us, the Underground Mafias Army, you’re going to have to succumb to whatever we demand from you. Yeah, that’s right, until we get what we want, we’re not going to show mercy. Be prepared to witness the Miners crumble.



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