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Dear BR

Dear, Blue Raiders

It has come to my attention  that you are making an valiant attempt to “destroy” UMA , your reason must be top secret since  every-time I ask you, you say some stupid mashed-together-attempt-to-speak English sort of thing. Rather than decipher what you’re trying to say, I will attempt to reason my way through this.

Pain – You think you’re gods gift to CP armies, I’m sorry bro, you ain’t. You also seem to think you’re smarter than everyone. You claim to be trying to “destroy” UMA because Lild got fired/quit, well if Lild really wanted to be in UMA, he’d be back by now. Even if his parents won’t let him on. I believe your really just mad because we haven’t made you leader yet, sucks for you.

Lild – Who’s side are you on? Really, if you’re really loyal to UMA you won’t try to destroy us.

Ganger – I honestly don’t know why you are siding with BR, what did we ever do to you? Last I heard you were some ten year old GT leader.

Wgfv – Well from my point of view you are the mastermind behind the plot of trying to “destroy” UMA. Your reason is the most controversial since when I speak to you, you change it every ten seconds. You say we don’t give you respect, why do you care? You’re retired, I worked my ass off in Nachos and they barely give a shit about me anymore, that’s just how things work. Or are you just mad because UMA can function without you, sorry mate, you aren’t UMA, the troops are. Why do you want to kill they very thing you worked so hard to keep alive, eh?



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