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Common Sense – Why isn’t it Common anymore?

Common sense. Pretty self-explanatory, right? You don’t do imbecilic things. However, there’s much more than just that when it comes to common sense. Many don’t retain it, and that, my friends, is why CP armies are sometimes obstructed by the incoherent imbecility of some.

Now, as I will remain nice and not designate names in this post, simply concepts, conceptions, or happenings that I find plain imbecilic and hope the army community will re-thin. Here’s an example: regime. This has become a trend among armies, with some like Oligarchy, Democratic Republic, and, of course, your classic, Absolute Dictatorship. And then there’s the Communist form of regime.

Here’s a little history lesson: communism is a form of regime in which all people receive the same benefits, pay the same taxes, blah, blah, blah. A Club Penguin Army, in most sense, cannot be communist. Unless, of course, you orchestrate the system to make everyone the same rank.

Another thing is the conceptions that take what we all like and mess it up. Of course, not to single out the imbeciles here, so I’ll verbally express “It makes sense to all of us who have sense”. There. So anyway, conventionally these conceptions come about when components of CP armies that have been accepted as mundane and good, productive, and all that good stuff. Kinda like hamburgers.

Such as servers, and the idea that was presented recently suggesting we assuredly eliminate all servers and  “share”. I’ll admit right now I’m not one for sharing. I’ll hog my Xbox One and whatnot for as long as I want to. Now. These ideas, albeit what could be called “visionary” are customarily frowned upon. But the line between a visionary and insane guy who should be locked up in a phrenic asylum is often blurred. And, albeit we all always suspect that the ideas can’t get any worse, they always do.

Conclusively, there’re those ideas that we glance at and say “And what difference would this make?”. They accommodate no purport. However the people who post these “visionary ideas” state that they’ll be regarded as a hero or someone special by the high ranks of the army community. Well, you won’t. And as an admonishment to all of those people out there, get an opinion or two BEFORE you post your ideas. And judge it yourself utilizing common sense, once again coming back to the designation. These ideas, just like some people in this world of armies, are just plain unavailingly futile. Like slinkies.


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