• The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin better known as the “UMA” is one of the first club penguin armies it was created in 2006 by a famous club penguin blogger named Pink Mafias, we are one of the largest club penguin armies and we give away mascot meetup times and CPPS cheats click the join button and be a part of us!

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    • 152,734 hits, plus nearly 3 million on our old sites, and 1,312,891 million on Pink Mafias' site.
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A Message to All Hackers involved in UMA

This has to stop, people are quitting because of your presence. They feel threatened and that if they say something wrong, you’d hurt them.  You drive troops away and it has to stop, therefore I’m giving any hackers that EVER appear on chat no power, you have no right to represent UMA. I have interviewed a troop who wishes to be anonymous about you.

Troop 1.

Why did you quit UMA?

I don’t like the hackers

Why do you dis like the hackers?

They think they own the damn place, and they think they can do whatever the hell they want.

If the hackers were gone, would you return?

I might

You see guys, that’s not good.  Loyal troops are quitting because of your presence.  If passed by at least one other leader, these restrictions will be put into place.


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