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Your about to get owned..Read this Icey and IW. :)

  Its now time for those famous Rpf/WW posts owning other armys who lie 🙂 Lets start now.

 (This post was from IW Site, blue is IW, black is my reply.)

Today we completely owned the cowards in RPF and UMA. Throughout the entire battle, RPF and UMA ran across the server, while being chaced by a 45+ man blue killing machine. Lmao, cowards? You were the one cowarding.. as I heard, you left the server about 5 minutes early. And no duh Rpf and Uma ran across the server, its called an invasion! And blue killing machine? This is clubpenguin dumb a** you seem so serious. Get a life Iceyfeet, you 30 year old virgin.

We completely destroyed RPF whenever we had the smallest chance to fight them. The only thin RPF did was run around the server “claiming” rooms while we followed and reclaimed them. If you destroyed Rpf then they would be dead right now, they aren’t. And you just said the “smallest chance to fight them” which means that you barely had a chance to fight us because we owned you. And Rpf ran around the server because they were claiming rooms! And you didn’t reclaim them because you said above that you were following us, you have to stay in a room longer than 5 minutes I heard or something like that. You were just following us, meaning you didn’t reclaim the rooms.

We have some pretty epic pics and a few war videos to go along to show that we reclaimed the rooms Your pictures are a fail, you take them once the majority of Rpf and Uma are in a different room. And your videos you push Play then Pause.. you push pause when you’re getting owned, then Play when your winning. Which means your video is invalid. I did CP Videos before, even though they sucked… I know what you do.


 Ugh Icey, when will you get a fricken life? And let someone else have a chance at leader of IW? Your a selfish whore, and I feel sorry for the people who are 2ics or 3ics in that army, cause they will never have a chance of leading IW. Ever. Icey has been the only leader of IW since he made the army in 2007, dont expect that 30 year old virgin to quit anytime soon. And if he does he’ll come back, he took a break before and came back. =/ Get a life Iceyfeet.


 Be scared,


3 Responses

  1. You mean invalid?

    Trick : Yeah xD dont feel like editing it right now

  2. Appproved By My Sexyness


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