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Yeah… I dont think so/BIG NEWS

Table of Contents:

1. WW4 Explanation

2. Best of 2007

Yes, as you might have read on Oagals website, he claims we won. Now I will no longer “trash talk” him since we are at a temporary stop. But as of this moment, from our discussion on AIM, it appears we agreed on a truce and a “tie”… although he claims to win, I do not think he is doing this to make me mad, he is doing this to keep the ACP “unaware” at the moment.

I don’t blame him. My Idea of a Trio (the big three RPF, UMA, and ACP together) as one big army, is currently on HOLD… Commando, Oagalthorp, and I will be on an AIM chat or a Xat Chat and discus this ourselves (possibly Pink if he is not busy) into more detail about the matter.

So this war was a TIE! Oagal is not lying, so to speak. On the contrary, he is probably keeping the matter of the fact on the DOWN LOW (DL) from his Troops, and I understand this.


On another Note, about the winners about the best of 2007. Pink Mafias was a nominee of two topics (Best Penguin, Best Army Leader) and the UMA was a nominee of the Best Army of Club Penguin award.

The winners of the best army are as follows:

UMA !!!!!!! Yes! The UMA is the best army of Club Penguin (In the 2007 Awards!)

The Winner of the Best Penguin of 2007 is…


And the Winner of the Best Army Leader is…


So Congrats to all nominees and to all victors… there where more awards like funniest, but I left the chat after I heard all of what I thought was the most important.

I also told you guys this before because I had some “inside info” with Tom Yellow or TommY as some know him.



Make SURE you voted for UMA of the month… there is only a couple weeks left. I know I started off a little early, like a couple days before Christmas of last year, but that was only to give more time. The winner of the UMA of the month will be announced Friday, February 1st, 2008.

So Far… Admiral is winning the polls…

CLICK HERE to vote (Link will open in NEW Window or Tab)

And if you already voted, but think you made a mistake. You cannot re-vote, but you CAN change your vote.


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