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World War Four… Day 1

Table of Contents:


Oagals behavior


A personal review over Oagal

DAY 1 !!!
Day one has been completed. We won todays battle!
Note I will not be posting with days number, only major events… just this once.
Overview: Our first day of WORLD WAR 4… WE WON! Wow, it was a great battle. At the beginning I thought we were going to lose because of massive ACP troops, but with a simple post calling for backup, we saved ourselves. And really, I thought we were going to lose, do not worry ACP, there are plenty more days, until you surrender for good! Anyways, basically it was an unbalanced motion of troops, until ACP surrendered to the battle.
But we all know Oagal too well… we got all the ACP troops after the battle was over to meet him. His cover up was “lets just win this and get all UMA out of mammoth”, wow, this was so funny, I was blown off my chair. The UMA were int he UMA chat celebrating yet another victory, but Oagal (who did NOT show up to the battle, but claims he knows everything) sais they won. Here is what he did, he got all the ACP troops after the UMA signed off, because we heard a surrender from the ACP, he got together, took a pic of them saying they won, and ended it. He was on for maybe five minutes… you wana see war pics, look below.
The ACP starting to win at the beginning…
Us beginning to fight back
Then this went back in forth with troop numbers, until they surrendered…
^^Note, that is an ACP soldier talking…
Below is a personal overview written by CompWiz5000. I believe and KNOW because I have factual proof that everything below is true and has been done. This is how I feel about Oagal, and how the ACP is not so bad.
Also… for all you spies out there with a secret website with like 1,000 views thinking you have the top news, FEEL ABSOLUTELY FREE TO COPY AND PAST WHAT YOU SEE INTO YOUR BLOGS!
Personal overview over Oagal:
Oagal, what to say about him. Wow, where to start?! You want the truth, the truth is here. When I first started, I thought Oagal was just a liar, a scammer, and an idiot. Although these are still true, I have figured out a lot of more things. One is that the ACP is not bad, as a matter of fact, they are pretty good. They are mostly nice (except from the cold blooded) and they have a strong army with a good sustainable troop amount. The only bad thing about the ACP is their leader… and this is the general opinion. For the people who hate the ACP, they either just hate the ACP, or they just want a new ACP leader. This is why, when we take out Oagal, we will assist the ACP in electing a new leader and not bring them to their knees. Also, I used to think that Oagal was just a liar, and an idiot. Although he still is both, I feel bad for him. When he sais the ACP won, or that the UMA never showed up, or when he makes the posts that are completely false, I do not think he is lying anymore, I think he has a mental problem and he ACTUALLY BELIEVES WHAT HE SAYS! I know most liars make themselves sound like they believe what they make up, and even though liars know in their hearts that they lied, I TRULY BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART… that Oagal actually believes the lies he says. Maybe this comes from his troops lying to him, not like he would know. He never logs on anyways, he is never there for his troops.
Speaking about Oagal never logging on, he pulled a little stunt. If you needed proof that I was at the war, scroll up. I was at the war! The UMA knows it, the ACP knows it, Oagal knows it. And since I was there I can tell you, and so will any other UMA, that OAGAL WAS NOT AT THE WAR! Yet on his website he posts pictures of himself saying the UMA won! So here is what he did. When the ACP surrendered, we had a little party, then signed off, and celebrated in the UMA chat. While in the chat, Oagal called to all the ACP, while the UMA was offline, and went to an underpopulated world. Here it took pictures of the ACP saying they won. He chose the time we were offline making him sound like he wiped out the UMA, and an Underpopulated world to make it look like the ACP has control of the servers.
Oagal is a liar! Do not believe anything on his site! As a matter of fact, he says he has never lost a war…


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