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Whoa There!

First off-


I KNOW that the UMA is still alive… stop trying to make me look like a fool with your little comments like “I know you tried to kill UMA but it still lives!!! HAHAHA!”


Its really pissing me off… if u look below you notice I SAID the UMA still runs.


Secondly, I could really care less if I destroyed a big website… its actually because its big that I am using it.



THIRDLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! Mpenguinuma runs the UMA now along with Admiral… I know you guys said that Admiral Quit… but Pink and I have placed leadership to Mpeng and Admiral, if one quits, its their responsibility to replace with a new leader, or hand it back to me to replace to somebody new.

Let get one thing strait… never, and I mean EVER… will Nicole be the leader of the UMA. She can take her anger problems to another army if the wants, or keep em to herself… but let this be known that she is NOT THE LEADER OF THE UMA!



-NOTICE- the word NOT.. as in she is ABSOLUTLEY !-NOT-! the leader of the UMA, and she never EVER will be.



Thank you,



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