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What. Happened.

Ok, UMA im confused. To all former leaders who DONT like G tell me why cuz this has got to stop. Brian An inside soarce tells me you and my good bud explo dont Like G. I understand if you dont like him but seriously guys you take the site and chat? God this is annoying and Explo, this sint towards you, you are my bud and I ACCEPT that you dont like G, but can you just let him lead? Hes driving us to success. So yah please stop this guys.

Once Spoken in the Dark (Gay Sig xD)


13 Responses

  1. i like g and brian made blake reset the chat and screwed all of this up just because he didnt want to get un ownered……as so im told AND SINCE WHEN DOES A NEW CHAT SOLVE ANYTHING XD

    That’s not what blake said

  2. THIS is why only TRUSTED LEADERSSSSSS get main owner on a chat. you cant trust anyone besides a leader, cus they will give the password away. and bye bye explo. ~der… wait i mean fag no. 3 (d)

  3. Why does this sort of thing always happen when I’m gone…

  4. Wow harv I never thought you’d make such an ignorant post. If your going to insult me then please get your facts straight. Wg was giving people main owner for powers. Kennedy have him superkick and then he got main. Wg then ownered everyone on the chat including member ranks so Blake reset it. He then gave me the pass and that was it. So i don’t know what your blaming me for.

  5. then wat the hell did blake say

  6. Explo I did that to shut up everyone retard

    • Of course you did 🙄 Making everyone an owner will definatly solve all your problems.

  7. They couldn’t ban people then fucktard

    • Yeah but they weren’t fucking banning anyone, dipshit

  8. WTF harv I didn’t tell you anything -.-

    Blake Did

  9. whats the password please tell me im new to this?

  10. 🙂 i like this website.


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