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What all leaders tell their inactive armies

“As you can see the UMA’s size is the same, if not smaller, than the IMAF’s size. I could compare many armies from the tail end to the medium armies that shows that the tail end is similar to the medium top 5. If there is no medium top 5 to challenge for the top 10, it would not be as exciting and close as a top 10 with no “out-side runners” Now onto the next subject…”

Quote from CPAC site

Uma has gone from good to bad in a matter of 2 weeks, from proud to ashamed in 1 week, and numb to dumb in 1 day. I have seen a lot of UMA’s proudest moments with many different leaderships, but now is the time I believe I wish to do something about the script I took from CPAC. I, along with many others I hope, are angry at CPAC for saying such a thing of us. But what are we going to do about it. Hacking them is just going to get us hacked(and I do not approve of hacking), crying won’t do anything, just taking it as it is would be lazy, and getting angry will make us appear evil. The only thing I see that will work is looking at what we could become, for I have a perfect image of it. For those of you who think UMA is dead, think differently because UMA is not this:

Another thing we can do is to prove yourself. Show Everyone that we aren’t meant to be in the Top 8 spot, we have to show everyone that we have a certain pride to keep, and that pride no one can take. Don’t let our pride be let down today, don’t let it down tomorrow, don’t let it down next year, let it down when you are the pride. And when that happens, be the axe and anvil for UMA.

After thinking for a while, there also has been a flaw in the entire history of UMA, the recent history atleast. Every time a great leader retires, there is no one left behind to lead as well except a few months later. No leader has ever officially trained someone, and that is why we rise in waves. The reason why UMA died slowly after Pm retired, was because Pink must have trained a lot of people in leadership assosiations. Now a days, everyone has to big of an ego to give their experience away. Now a days, no one cares of their motherland, but only for themselves.

4 Responses

  1. part of this is true more than half of uma is lke this the other quarter isnt enough we need more of the people like the people who care about there motherland first beofre they care for themselves.

  2. neos marines of cp are…dead?

  3. Im glad u finally made a post of that. UMA aint falling we just fell into a depression. Sometimes we cant be bothered . Maybe should make a new generation and perhaps change our site (even though its good)


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