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War vs DDCP on Summit

DEREKS EDIT: I will not be on chat for a while due to chat not working and xat.com/login not loading… kbai also i am taking a short break from UMA, its too hard to stay active and theres too much going on right now. I will be back Monday.(Also cus i cant get on chat) Bye.  and Wg, you can choose whos Temp-leader until im back. The Dreadful Dragons of Club Penguin have declared war on us, The Underground Mafias Army.

War with Dreadful Dragons:

Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Times: 4:ooPM CST, 5:00PM EST, 10:00PM UK.

UMA, I would like to see a great outcome to this battle. We are fighting an army with 21 people on their ranks. Before we updated ours, we had over 120. That doesn’t mean we can slack. I don’t care if you think “This will be easy! I’m not coming!” or not. I wanna see everyone who can come, there at the battle. Here is the server:

Server: Summit

The outcome of this battle better be good for us.


P.S. If i forgot anything just post it

And the DDCP didn’t post a no allies rule (hello)

9 Responses

  1. 1st!
    so are they having allies?


  3. We’re doomed Trick….

  4. dude UMA pissed off all meduim/small armies ur dead

    Edit: Whos all the Small and Medium armies lmao? And how did we piss them off :S U probably just lied to them (:

  5. Oh reall I talk to a MAIN LEADER in UMA and they said
    ” small / medium armies can’t do Anthony and thier a waste of time, well defeat and stupid n00b armies you invite to the war”

    Edit: Whos the main leader? Their is no main leader of uma…If you talked to Wg, then ignore him cuz hes like that to everybody xD I mean EVERYBODY he hates everybody lmao so ignore him if Wgfv said it.
    Another Edit: Again, there is no main leader and your comment made ABSOLUTLY no sense.

  6. Oh no help me trick! itachi help! im soo scared my pants are shaking! heeeelp mee

  7. i cant come i wish i could

  8. Can’t come sorry


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