• The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin better known as the “UMA” is one of the first club penguin armies it was created in 2006 by a famous club penguin blogger named Pink Mafias, we are one of the largest club penguin armies and we give away mascot meetup times and CPPS cheats click the join button and be a part of us!

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  • UMA Troops

    • 152,735 hits, plus nearly 3 million on our old sites, and 1,312,891 million on Pink Mafias' site.
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***Upcoming Events***

**********UPCOMING EVENTS***********

Tactic Session: WednessDay 06.00 PM UK
Why? In Our Previous Battles We Saw Our Tactics Werent Good Enough So Thats Why We Lost
RecruitingWednessDay After Tactic Session
Why? We need more
REAL SoldiersInvasions: Glacier, [Add Other]
When?Monday, July 26th 12:00 PST; 2:00 Central; 3:00 EST; 8:00 UK
Why? We Only Have 3 Servers; Mittens,Tundra And Flurry
Why? To Test Our And their Skills

***~~Pratice Battle With Ice Vikings~~***

Sitting On The Toilet (LALALAL) Naw Flush ! ~~ Andi UMA Co Leader

5 Responses

  1. 1ST!

  2. 2ND ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡™

  3. 2nd

  4. Hey UMA! Im Superated, former Red Raiders member (Itachi6Dark’s Army). I joined CP in 2007 and stopped in 2009 after being hacked 😦 Sometimes I go on my other account Delkil. Anyway, i noticed Itachi joining ur army…finally i had found him again 🙂 plz if u guys know his email/twitter/facebook any of that thing plz send it to my mail cz i miss him sooo much and would like to catch up with him 🙂 My email: rana_abiakl@hotmail.com.
    thx sooo much 🙂 good luck with all ur army wars 😉 im rooting for u now since itachi joined ya cz hes got decent taste in armies 😉 and btw, if i get on my other account alot, i might join ur army and be like a sub or smthn 🙂
    Honestly, the best thing about Club Penguin is the Armies 🙂 thx againn :))

  5. Okay,I commented,whats gonna happen now?

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