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Uma’s Declartion of War on Snow Fighters


  VS orms6

The Underground Mafias Army DECLARES ALL OUT WAR  ON SNOW FIGHTERS. Here’s the plan. After the battle of Flurry we will schedual more invasions. They will tremble before the Uma. NO ALLIES



10 Responses

  1. I made the uma picture bigger =P

  2. This should be fun to watch. I shall root for SF until the stripper header is back.
    It is xD

  3. well at least its not like when we declared war on RPF (or did they? O_O)



  6. Ima be there
    UMA<< Yes
    SNOW FIGHTERS! <<Errm no
    Comment shortened do to extremely long comment that no one will read and just scroll down past is because everyone will think that the whole comment is just UMA being spammed repeatedly which is pretty much is.

  7. The BCP declare war on the UMA


    we have 2 invasions planned!!!!

  8. we too the BACP are haveing a war against them. make sure to help us @ friday july 16th server snow shoe 3:00 est room town. we were considering war with you but if you help us no war


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