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Uma Wins On Frozen! ||| Dcp the bot army?

fellow Uma,

We have defended out Capital and WE HAVE WON. We have undeniable evidence AND the testomy of a dcp troop SAYING that they did indeed use bots. We outnumbered them anyway. They lost in every way possible.. Now on with the pictures.

Wgfv Takes command in the town:

NOW. Dcp gets desperate and uses a bot. Please note the video then look at the picture, for an up close view of the bot.

My my my… Dcp Lets take a look at my video of it to prove this is not an edit. Note: My comp was lagging.

Still need proof? How about a dcp troop pc’ing SAYING they used a bot?

That’s more than enough proof. Also here’s the chat sizes. A warning to retards.. I TOLD UMA TO LOG OFF. If you don’t believe the size go look at the first picture and uma’s size in the video..

Meaning a victory for The Socialist Uma!

-Premier Wgfv

3 Responses

  1. just incase you didnt know the RED pawns mean thaat user is logged off

    Wgfv: Read the note for retards…..

  2. that is not a bot

  3. Suck my cock because its got a blue waffle (chew)


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