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Uma vs Tg Practice Battle/Promo day

Itachi: Stop complaining about what division you’re in simply because you don’t like the color. If you keep complaining YOU WILL GET DEMOTED!

❗ Harv: LAST DAY TO COMMENT ON THE ACTIVE COUNT ❗ https://umaofcp.com/2010/07/18/active-count/


Guys we haven’t done anything in a while so were going to have a practice battle with team gold! Here’s the details:

Server:  Sherbert, (starting room town)

Times: 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM UK

When: Tuesday,July 20

Comment if you can make it. Promotions will come out tomorrow after the battle results are posted.


Click read more to check if you got a promotion 😀

Hey guys,

Joe here. I decided to have a promo day for those who have earned it.


Bold: Promo

Italic: Demotion


Wgfv,Draco Joe,Alfrondo1465

(Cheif Advisor)


Head Generals

Notru, Bobby66276, Harvin13,Andi1x1

Second in Command

Derek, Alfy3, GaMeR

Head Of Graphics


——————————Owner Line——————————

Third in Command

Wwewwfwcw,Kingjojo3, Kidkaos, Hedcog, Mr Jibbs

Supreme Admiral

Rjse1,Justny29, CasiusBrutis, Jackmandang


Djgtjvgyhxgy,Speedy Guy 9 ,Seth,Felipe, Zayer,colli,Monster47345, Maxwell500, Master


Dojoroccer.Phoenx21,el rey,Nikkisix23,Fleet Admiral

Thecard54, brandonlf, Drwwe1234, Gideon

—————-Mod line————-

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCommanderxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Spert768, 2344blakie,Jc Jr 1234, Anabel22345,19 Scooby 97,  Micro Ice 6

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtGeneralxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Johnnyluke, Bmf7364,Mommacat, Edriley41, The6hell6kid86,ninja40901

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtMajorxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Carnage467, Ty990, Jk1421, Hunthunt5678, ggoa619

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCaptainxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Deltatrooper, Rizrat, Ace51, Iceeblu101

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtPetty Officerxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt


xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtLieutenantxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Goofysoccer, Immaclarkeyy, Bruinfan1234, candyrox224

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCorporalxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Jackpot88, Waddles0,Largle, Rocky25721, snugbuny1, scotty9100, blob502,  matt7864 , Flash8630 ,

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtPrivatexatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Khoak, CP Screen,zmannumbaone, Cheergrl3800, brattykristi, darki949, 159flores, Sc57, Penguin688o6, Jlm435, podsta, Boo Boo 006, extreme 002,Lild423,Zohal4321, Lilweezy914

9 Responses

  1. I’ll be coming

  2. Yes

  3. cant, have a soccer match if i play good i can make LA GALAXY under 15s

  4. I should be there.

    ~Lantz a.k.a KyL

  5. I probably won’t make it. I’m going to be busy from Tuesday-Thursday.

  6. Cant make it, too early. 😛

  7. Should be able to make it

  8. idk cuzz i have a program to go to cuzz i have angermanagement every tuesday

  9. active


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