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Uma vs Acp

Harv: Screw you ACP, Fiddy has been with us since WWIII. You cant just walk into our buisness to get rid of him, hes one of my best friends and a vey popular figure in UMA. He reminds us of Pink and if you dont stop complaining then you have unleashed something you cant hanlde, UMA is on the rise and we are mad at ACP in particular. You attack our allie since we were made and you are too big for the community in my opinion. Its a good ting Fiddyy is here and if you dont like it tough, worry about your own mess for once!

Guys it’s wgfv this is acp’s post to uma:

Underground Mafias Army, or UMA for short was once one of the strongest armies in 2007, and one of ACP’s main enemies. They were formed by a Hacker and many other Hackers joined aswell. During 2006 and 2007, on what is known as WWII ACP faced them several times, winning lately on Mammoth under the command of Oagalthorp. Pink Mafias was banned forever and UMA started to fall, then came back, fall again. Right now they are still struggling to get into the CPA Central Top Ten, and they are resorting to dirty Tactics on the Army of Club Penguin.

Fiddyy, a hacker has came to “help” UMA hacking and/or doxing people. He’s the owner of “Trojan Horses” which you may or may not have heard of. It’s a group that recently tried to Dox the ACP leaders, although 85% of the data on the Doxes were wrong, he decided to “Declare hacking war” on ACP. Another of his “inventions” was a “Xat Trainer” that gave you xats,days,powers and everything but it is a Fake Trainer, a Scam, and a Virus tested by Motor 20 proved to be a hack.

From today, The Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin declares war on The Underground Mafias Army untill the Hacking stops and Fiddyy leaves UMA or Hacking. For now, this will be a Enemy relationship towards eachother, If the hacking continues then we will, as a way to stop the hacking, Invade Mittens untill Hacking stops in UMA, and It will be given back.

No more hacking UMA, that’s not how you play this game.


Let me get this right, they will attack uma until we get rid of fiddyy? BITE ME ACP.  UMA WILL NEVER EVER TURN ITS BACK ON SOLIDERS OR ALLIES. HE IS A UMA. UNITED WE STAND. You want a war, sure attack us. Team Gold, Icy Troops,  and Nachos support us. Come and get some ACP



Sup guys, i am completely with Wgfv. If you havent noticed, we are getting more recruits. Fiddyy(and the rest of ’em) they are our friends. They have done nothing bad to us. I say we go and kick some ass!!


UMA 2ic

PS……. We are in the top ten

19 Responses

  1. sdf

  2. this whole thing was ruined when the negotiations came in

  3. I will not come to events for now, sorry, that is because my browser got updated and flash isn’t compatible with my version :(, i will still check the site.
    Also, i can’t believe this army was made of hackers!

  4. good post- right there with ya UMA 😉

  5. GREAT CONFIDENCE! I love it! Come and get it acp!!!

  6. I never knew this army was made of hackers. 😦

  7. To all the noobs: We hacked CP not websites.

  8. ACP Fiddy has been with us since WW3. Now you cant tell us to get rid of him like that. But thanks for the publicity.!


  10. Its good you’r not giving in to them but still… I can see why they declared war. Maybe talk to fiddyy and ask him to stop-_-

  11. This is dedicated to all of the ACP retards of the world: Fiddyy is retired from UMA and has been for something less than a year. You have no right to get involved with our army and tell us how we should run it. If any army needs straightening up its ACP. You go around acting like your the fucking world police thinking its your duty to tell armies how to run themselfs, guess what its not so gtfo and mind your own business. If you have a problem with fid then you can go die in a mother fucking hole because UMA ain’t doing anything to a legend, bitch.

    • Also if “85% of the information is wrong” which I highly doubt it is tell me why you care then? Oh I forgot its because ACP has to get involved in everyone’s business and piss everyone off. No wonder most armies hate you.

      • Also fiddyy is doxing ACP on his own behalf not under UMA so I don’t know why your blaming the army since hes retired from it.

  12. acp can go f&%k themselfs

  13. Whoever got rid of the stripper header, fuck you…

  14. acp’s the bad 1 in the war is it? i mean acps had like 1 invasion and 5 defences. its not like the acp went on and all attacked nachos. it’s the nachos who just want more power so for the 5th time their forming an alliance to take down acp. comeone this has happend before. the acp didnt ask all their allies to go raiding. acp’s allies did that by themselvs. comeone. think about it.


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