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UMA to iCP?

Look its a good idea here’s the pros and cons.


  1. Isolation
  2. No Allies
  3. Controversy of viruses


  1. Full Uniform for everyone
  2. No Allies
  3. No “blob”
  4. Few servers, so more fights
  5. Sort of a 2006-2007 feeling to it.


    23 Responses

    1. i haz the first idea to move all armys to icp so credit me when you think of moving to icp and FIRST

    2. iCP is fragile, the whole thing crashs atleast once a day and wide spread connection lost is very common.

    3. Some people (Like me) have to much stuff already in there computer to download T_T

    4. i likez doz words but we cant fully shut down CP UMA, instead we just make an iCP division?

    5. Wasn’t icp hacked? I don’t think you can use it anymore….
      You can still use it but I wouldnt… im undownloading.

    6. This is not a good idea. iCP isn’t completely safe and it can get shut down anyday. Once those dumb asses (Disney) realize people are switching over to iCP then they will shut it down.

    7. also you can say anything

    8. Great idea, but sadly iCP doesnt exist anymore

    9. iCP would crash on the site of a large battle, but for something like UMA vs. TG it would be fine.

      But like ACP vs. IW? Not gunna happen.

    10. iCP got shut down today(8/22/10).


      Read it up.

    11. What does icp even mean

    12. insane clown posse? ~,~

    13. its shutdown

    14. Not anymore. DID YOU CHECK IT?

    15. Its safe, perfectly fine, and Disney shutting it down would be illegal. Besides, it dosent crash much anymore

    16. I think this is a good idea it would just be fun for us to be able to run around and be able to say anything to anybody.iCP is back up to everybody who is wondering and it hasn’t crashed once for me so I vote we do it.


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