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Uma & Snow Fighter Cease Fire/Uma now part of the Confederation/ Uma now in Golden Age?/Promotions

Ok guys sorry I haven’t been on for two days. I was “getting down with my bad self”. So anyway Uma is ending the conflict with Snow Fighters because we are needed for a greater good. We need to support the Confederation so the current active armies are:

The Confederation:

  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Team Gold
  • Underground Mafias Army

ACP and Allies:

  • ACP
  • Snow Fighters
  • Watex Warriors
  • RPF
  • DCP

The Militia:

  • Night Warriors
  • Roman Fire Warriors
  • Icy Troops
  • Golden Troops        


Next we seem to have made a major return to the cp army world. Is this a Golden Age? We rivaled Pink Mafias troop count in the Battle of Flurry. So what do you think? Golden Age or not. Comment below!


And finally I said if we won Flurry I would give you guys a promotion day, so here’s your new promos for attending. Promotions are in Red.


Notru,Wgfv,Draco Joe

(Cheif Advisor)


Co Leader

Bobby66276, Aberacer, Harvin13, Alfrondo1465,Andi1x1

Second in Command

Mr Jibbs,Derek,Brifcore

——————————Owner Line——————————

Third in Command

Wwewwfwcw,Kingjojo3, Kidkaos

Supreme Admiral



Djgtjvgyhxgy, Seth,Felipe, Zayer

Head General

Dojoroccer.Phoenx21,el rey,Maxwell500

—————-Mod line————-

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCommanderxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Spert768, 2344blakie,Jc Jr 1234, Anabel22345

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtGeneralxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Johnnyluke,Anabel22345, Bmf7364,Mommacat

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtMajorxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Carnage467, Ty990, Jk1421, Nikkisix23

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCaptainxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Deltatrooper, Rizrat, Ace51, Iceeblu101

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtLieutenantxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Goofysoccer, Immaclarkeyy, Bruinfan1234, candyrox224

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtCorporalxatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Jackpot88, Waddles0,Largle

xatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQtPrivatexatmember.png Blue Pawn image by PerkyQt

Khoak, CP Screen, 19 scooby 97,  zmannumbaone, Cheergrl3800, brattykristi, darki949, 159flores, flash8630, Sc57, Penguin688o6

Sorry if I forgot you comment below with your..

  1. Name
  2. Rank
  3. Why you think you deserve a promotion.



~Fight the Bad

(this was a very long post)

Bobby: the confederation part was my idea 🙂

24 Responses

  1. no i dont think were in the golden age just yet… have recruiting sessions EVERY DAY then mabye we will…

    • ur right. We need more troops and members for that to b a golden age. We are almost at the edge of it tho. the way to do that = recruit more and b on chat more

    • Eat it xp
      ——–(‘(— ¯~/’–’)

  2. Its too early to say if its a golden age but rather than recruiting sessions I think we should have wars. Because if you have noticed whenever UMA did recruiting/drills nobody attended them but when we have wars we get a good attendance and a good few new recruits. Btw in reply to booby’s edit, Joining the cofederation was harvs idea, not yours if thats what you meant but I’m not sure if it is because again, you don’t make much sense in your posts/edits,

  3. 1. Name Immaclarkeyy
    2. Rank Lieutenant
    3. Why you think you deserve a promotion. Because I attend loads of UMA events. I attend more then nearly everybody above me. I give what i can to UMA and a promo would show this isn’t for nothing.

  4. 1. Name: 19 scooby 97
    2. Rank: private
    3. Why you think you deserve a promotion: i come on chat and check the site once or twice a day.

  5. 1.Jc Jr 1234
    3.i been here a while i need a promo i recruit on somedays i practice with fellow members and recruit

  6. 1.Sc57
    2. private
    3. i been recruit just like my bro Jc Jr 1234 i train with him and we make good progress

  7. I hope they all lose.

  8. ty for the promo G! 😀

  9. were going for it but its early for the golden age

  10. maybe maybe not

  11. promo? where is it

  12. Wars work better than recruiting, but the recruits might go for the other side

  13. Im very active i go on chat every day

  14. wooooo 3ic

  15. Hurry please im active and i still need a promo

  16. We called the FBI.
    ACP knows what you did.
    You know too.

  17. kennedy
    i arent on ranks yet im mod though since alfy was leader
    because ive come to all the battles and UMA is close to Pw….

  18. I need my promo to head general i comment and still no promo hurry now my name is jc jr 1234



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