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Uma Premier Nominations!


Uma my term of Uma Premier has come to an end. We will need to elect another so please fill out this form to enter the primaries.

1.) Your Name

2.) Your Rank

3.) Your Party

Example here’s my registration.

Nominations will close September 8th!


17 Responses

  1. 1.) Wgfv
    2.) Premier, Supreme Commander
    3.) Communist

  2. 1.) Your Name: Waggy567

    2.) Your Rank: Colonel General

    3.) Your Party: Republican

  3. 1.) Alfrondo1465
    2.) Supreme Commander
    3.) Communist/Dictatorship

  4. 1. winterburn13
    2. fleet admiral
    3. Democratic (means i care for issues and lets others have say in issues)

  5. *2. Major General

  6. 1.) Jackfrost375
    2.) Colonel General
    3.) The Democractic and Republican party of the USUMA (Lulwat?)

  7. DAR party for short =P

  8. Notru
    UMA Pet
    Cookie Party

  9. Hehe, you thought I left?

  10. AAAAAH ITS THE JEWISH NAZI PEDO (otherwise known as hitler) GREENARMS!!!

  11. Alfy3
    Leader of Euro Division
    Euro Conservatives

  12. 1) Mount Rainy
    2) Viceroy of colonies
    3) communist

  13. 1)J Arsenal(most people know me as o1 as you may not know)
    2)Wg should gimme a rank but he hasnt yet.(he said owner rank 😈 )

    “1.) Your Name

    2.) Your Rank


  15. 1. blacktoons
    2.major general
    3. communist

  16. 1.) Your Name: Bmf7364
    2.) Your Rank: Fired General :’-(
    3.) Your Party: Communist-Socialist

  17. Bobby
    2ic i think (scn)
    what ever wgfv’s is 😛


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