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Uma needs tactics!


It’s wg. Guys our raw size isn’t enough anymore! Were losing battles because of things in this picture here NACHOS OUTNUMBER US BY LIKE 4 PEOPLE! They are orgainized we are not. Were getting killed because of unorganization. During the invasion of glacier I want everyone to work on this. The leaders have done everything they can to make uma bigger, it’s time soliders listened to orders on where to go.

See what I mean? Uma are spread out 12ko21 is up top -_-. There’s only 2 nachos not in that line. Uma is spread out and dvided work harder at this uma. I beg you. If we do we will ensure our victories for many more servers. We killed nachos in the beggining.

Red And Orange

The picture might be small but you can see that Uma’s size is barley beating nachos, But yet look at their organization. In battles listen to leader first. I’m sick of people commanding over me, I know how to do my job.


2 Responses

  1. Win

  2. i say we pretend to b on other armies. such as the infamous acp. then CRUSH them from the inside!!!


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