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Uma denies false accusations

Ok recently the Dcp has accused us of hacking the site and are threatening to bring the “FBI in”.. I said do it. UMA HAS NOT HACKED THE DCP SITE. The testimony of Epic Fail 5 is fraud, there is no proof that the Uma has done this. If you want to see who really did I suggest you send a letter to the FBI at:

FBI Minneapolis
111 Washington Avenue South
Suite 1100
Minneapolis , MN 55401
Phone: (612) 376-3200
Fax: (612) 376-3249
E-mail: minneapolis@ic.fbi.gov

For an investigation.

On to another topic. The use of fiddyy’s bot’s. The Uma did not hire fiddyy as he has claimed. The use of bots in the battle of Slushy was an act of rebellion due to the cause I did not add fiddyy to the site so he can have people’s IP address. I was following a rule that was set in place for me by the council of armies. If you want proof, I refer you to Cpac reporter KyL who was at the Uma’s chat box at the time of fiddyy’s demands. He will provide you with a 100% true testimony of what happened that day. I will not stand for accusations if you have false proof. Fiddyy did sabotage the battle for Uma. I do not admit defeat but do concede the battle to Dcp.

On the topic of Epic Fail 5. That was simply here say. He is not a friend of a leader, he was terminated from the Uma for High treason against Wgfv in June of 2010.


8 Responses

  1. Moo.

  2. […] World War 8 Posted on September 6, 2010 by Alfrondo1465 Read Wgfv’s Post About Dcp’s hacking HERE […]

  3. The FBI have much more important things to do. PS. How did you guys get an email “@umaofcp.com”?

  4. Wgfv they hacked me and i was gonna tell u


  6. Dude, V3N0M hacked DCP, not UMA. (un) i knew DCP are retarts

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