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Uma and Rpf’s War On Terror


I want you to remember that this war on terror, as well as our presents in this war against iw is necessary and enviable. In this time WE CAN”T WAIT FOR BATTLE TO COME TO US! The presence of fools in iw will destroy them. These people like Icey make me sick, HE IS A THREAT TO UMA’S FREEDOM.  I will not pullout, I will protect our freedom. Uma loves a winner and will not tolerate a loser. If you take up arms against uma YOU WILL LOSE! Now I say to the Team Gold forces IT’S YOUR LOSE. This is the only way to create a truly great nation.

Now if Team Gold has the balls to attack Rpf, I will declare war on those gold bastards! You had all better to wake up. If I knew this I would have attacked team gold earlier, and their leader would be one dead son of a bitch. Another thing I do not want to hear all these pc’s telling me to pull out, let the enemy do that. We must protect our freedom. If tg will truly attack us, I will be proud to lead uma into a battle to protect our nation, allies, way of government. I would lead you into battle, anytime, anywhere.

I see this post on tg site

There you are again. You have pushed me to my limits, you have aggravated me to the fullest extents, and now the only thing that has stopped me from doing this is the other leaders. Now they agree, now nothing stands in the way from me doing this.

 RPF, you have brought this on yourselves. Just because you wanted to end Icey’s reign doesn’t mean you have to drag other armies into their doom, this is why you are our main target. Pride comes before failure, you had your “pride” on Frozen, now here comes your failure. Team Gold now declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Now we leave you with this. Three words, one sentence. Bring It On. (tg website published August 2nd)

Uma plays to win! Like I said before, if you have the balls to attack ANY of uma’s allies. YOU WILL LOSE. We must protect our freedom. That is all


5 Responses

  1. Second, ownage

  2. O_O Team Gold dont take this offensive O_O

  3. no hacking now

  4. Why destroy little armies???They are new armies.


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