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UMA and RPF destroy IW on Thermal

RPF started to win over the Town finally, outnumbering IW forces because we were able to spread them thin throughout the server with the help of UMA. IW pushed us into the Dock, RPF then used the Iron Curtain technique to push the IW to the Town, then onto the Snow Forts, then on to the Plaza, and right into the Forest where we had a brigade of UMA lined up and waiting. IW put up a good fight in the Forest, they tried to do our own technique of conquering the server by sending a 5 man party around to claim rooms. We were able to combat them by sending about 10 RPF to conquer them back and push the IW group in the Forest. RPF and UMA fought in the Forest side by side until the day was one. IW has not admitted defeat yet, probably because Icey was attending this one perhaps?

Once again a mysterious group of “RPF bots” showed up. About three, and they were in the Snow Forts pretty much the entire time. They were light blue at first when we first checked them until they started doing “RPF” things. We need to look into this, I’m not pointing fingers, but IW is TOTALLY responsible because their the type of people who would do that even if they were the ones winning.

The Ice Warriors agree the fight was good, but they also think they won too. But I’ll show you a line of pictures from start to finish and you can decide who won the 58 minute long battle.

At first, the RPF logged on, and IW was already recruiting in the Town and ready for us. We had limited troops and heavy resistance. We were losing.

The battle was starting to turn around. We had IW spread thin now that they were deeming UMA a threat in the Plaza even though not all of them were even logged on yet. RPF then hit them hard and fast.

RPF then formed our Iron Curtain technique and pushed them back.

We pushed them all the way back to the Forest, where UMA was now on and in a line baracading the room. They ran right into them and IW got hit hard. Slapchopped is the term.

Because we love owning them.

Joke Bomb Nuke.

Yes we see you.

The IW were beginning to log off, the server was successfully defended. My favorite response in that picture is “MOO”.

Once again, great job to RPF and UMA who are now sharing the same nation made up of each armies server’s. Now under one flag.

UMA, Great battle. We are all really happy to see another great win! Keep it up! Post credit to Commando717 and the RPF. Feel free to add pictures below the last one.

Another Win,


5 Responses

  1. Awesome

  2. did you just copy and paste what rpf wrote T_T

  3. HI DEREK EDIT THIS POST HERE IS THE LINK OF THE VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/user/MrFelipe115


  5. yeah cus commando said i could…


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