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This Is Why Gt Fails ||| Declaration of War ||| Invasion Dates **MUST COME OR BE FIRED***



Wgfv here, ok so recently Gt has been total douche bags. This is why they fail..

  1. They wonder why we declare war,
  • You took our capital.
  • Insulted us.
  • You attacked Uma when I was gone, meaning you attacked uma leaderless.

2. Read this.

Ok so you call us scrubs? Hmm still not convinced Uma? Like I said they took our capital, called us cowards. They think their alliance is stronger, and they called the great alliance itself scrubs. I don’t know about other great alliance members but I have had it. So I present to you our declaration of war!


D: What happened to Joe? Hes not on ranks anymore

Ok so members of Uma who have voted Yes for a war.

Wgfv (Premier of Uma, Supreme Commander) Votes:Yes

Neos (Supreme Commander) Votes: Yes

Derek ( Supreme Commander) Votes: Yes

Soviet Parliament: Votes: Yes

Max (Deputy Premier) Votes: Yes

It’s unanimous we go to war!



Server: Snow Plow, Town

Date: Saturday, September 4th, 2010


Pacific: 1:00 PM

Moutain: 2:00 PM

Central: 3:00 PM

Eastern: 4:00 PM

Rules: No Allies, No Bots, No spying.

Information: Each Battle lasts 30 minutes, Must claim 7 rooms to win.


Server: Alpine, Town

Date: Saturday, September 4th, 2010


Pacific: 1:30 PM

Moutain: 2:30 PM

Central: 3:30 PM

Eastern: 4:30 PM

Rules: No Allies, No Bots, No spying.

Information: Each Battle lasts 30 minutes. Must claim 7 rooms to win.

Notice: This is a temp merge between dcp and uma so we are not using allies if gt foolishly uses allies they will have automatically lost.


Uma Premier and Supreme Commander

Fight the bad!

8 Responses

  1. xD the Great Alliance isn’t mentioned in there 😛

    You failed there.

    Wgfv: And I quote ” Uma and other scrub armies who help dcp” Uma and other “scrub” armies. So your referring to the great alliance..

  2. and our allies are temp merge as well.

  3. are they helping you yet? and Wg as good a leader as you are you know the temp merge is a load of bullshit.

  4. so i guess GT can Temperarily Merge too.

  5. Indeed.

  6. I might be able to make it cus we might be travlin upstate for the fair that week sometime

  7. Soviet Mafia… I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

  8. i like the banner xD

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