• The Underground Mafias Army of Club Penguin better known as the “UMA” is one of the first club penguin armies it was created in 2006 by a famous club penguin blogger named Pink Mafias, we are one of the largest club penguin armies and we give away mascot meetup times and CPPS cheats click the join button and be a part of us!

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This Army

LPOWNZU: Jl, look which one is wining 😀

Neos: Harv, I will only say this one time: no

Respect, something you earn. Something we didn’t earn untill Pink Mafias was banned. Defeat, Something we have countered many times, I’m not perfect but I know what gone on perfectly. Wgfv, our great leader, is the only thing keeping us alive. What happens when he leaves? We fall majorly. There needs to be balance or else UMA will be as dead as PH (Just a metaphor so don’t get snippy). G is like a brother I will admit, but what kind of brother? He’s a respectful, Kind hearted, iron fist leader brother. I respect that, but UMA is about to be in ruins if we don’t do anything. UMA we need to do 3 things to become successful and to try to lose are respect (You heard me).

1. Make more leaders, or squads.

2. Go back to our fan club form, where Troops join UMA becuz they wanted to win and be proud, not because it’s a respectful army.

3. Retire leaders that are still on chat (Me, Explo, etc.) Need to be advisors 24/7, and if needed leaders.

4. Hack, Cheats: Doing this leads to CP, iCP fame.

And finally I’ll say this one more time, Do we switch to iCP?

❗ Note if it says yes it doesn’t mean we will leave but it definitely should be considered. ❗

~God Hates us, God hates us All!, God save us, God Hates us ALL!~


One Response

  1. I would have said iCP, but for me and several other people, iCP doesn’t work.


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