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The Treaty of Summit/Taking the GT nation!

To whoever made this edit saying Peace well you have no authority to declare peace War with GT is still on! And only Wgfv or I can go for peace thats a message to the other leaders 2ic and 3ic dont go for peace unless you consult me or Wg first!

Yes My fellow UMA Brandon has agreed to the terms of the UMA Nation. All the servers belonging to DCP before the war are hereby turned over to UMA and its allies for proper distributing amongst ourselves. Heres a copy of the Treaty Brandon agreed too.

By Treaty of Summit on the 11th of Sep 2010 06:29:29 PM

Treaty of Summit
As a conclusion to the end of the war on terror, this treaty will end the war. The Dorito’s of Club Penguin will herby sign over all land to the UMA Soviet Socialists Republic and their allies. At that time the Dcp’s will lose all independence and pledge their allegiance to the Uma. With the pledge you may elect two representatives to serve in the Uma’s Parliament. The overseer of all former Dcp land will be overseen by Berat2Beti (Uma Viceroy). At that time he will have complete control of the Dcp colonies.
The Viceroy has complete and total power to do anything to protect the colonies. If for any reason the Dcp shall up rise against the Uma government, Dcp will be subjected to raid’s lead by either the Uma Premier or Viceroy of Uma colonies. The Dcp will not be allowed to recruit, in any case that it is found the Grand Army of the Uma will patrol the server. The Dcp will not be allowed to invade any land without the Premier’s or Viceroy’s approval.

Wgfv – Premier of Uma Soviet Socialists Republic; Supreme Commander of Uma’s Grand Army
Berat2Beti – Viceroy of Uma Colonies

Now UMA we have relaxed a little after this hard fought war with DCP but now it is time to extend the Reach of Socialist Empire of UMA into the entire GT Nation! This is Revenge for GT attacking us when we had no centralized leadership when our Main Leaders computers were all down or they hadnt been able to lead the army GT claimed they were leaderless too what a lie! You dont schedule invasions of another nation when your leaderless! So prepare GT even your greatest leader Ganger is on UMA’s side he wants to see your destruction for being traitors to him and UMA is happy to oblige him. People of the UMA nation prepare yourselves for War! Heres a saying I think were all too familiar with and struck fear into GT’s Enemies under Ganger leadership but now will be used bye UMA!



Date: Friday September 17th
Starting room: Town get on 10 minutes early for recruiting

Times: 4:00 PM PST, 5:00 PM MST, 6:00 PM CST, 7:00 PM EST, 12:00 AM UK

Rules: NO ALLIES!!!

The GT nation falls to the UMA Socialist Empire!

Berat2beti UMA Viceroy

All Hail UMA!

10 Responses

  1. Can RPF have a sever? (innocent)

  2. This is an epic fail….. Lol Ganger you make me laugh. Now that you want to “Take our entire nation,” you’re pushing me to the extreme. Prepare for a surprise UMA. Have a nice day. 🙂

  3. all i can say is wow -_-

  4. And team gold (wary)

  5. so your all gangbanging GT now?

  6. ill tell RPF and nice song.
    PS. I remember that when you annexed the entire RPF nation you made this song your national antthem cause it was red and black and it pissed RPF off

  7. I wants Permafrost then *wary*


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