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The Second Rise!


Battle Review:

The Golden Troops went on the offensive, by striking the Uma first. There was orignally confusion of the times for the Uma. But when we found out we came with a bang! Here’s the overview of the battle. This battle was only fought in two rooms. Gt failing to claim a single room….

  • Uma starts of 2 minutes before the battle in the town, Gt arrives.
  • Battle moves to the snow forts.

[Pictures to Be added]

  • Gt falls back to the town, Uma follows.
  • The Gt attempt to make a last stand by gaining troops.
  • Uma cuts off recruitment do to dominance.
  • Gt tried many bombs to try to break the Uma dominate strategy.
  • The battle rages on.
  • The Gt fails to claim the town.
  • Uma numbers grow.
  • Uma forms a smiley bomb


  • At this point the battle has passed 30 minutes of the 50 total.
  • Gt has failed to claim one room.
  • Uma dominance tactic holds strong.
  • Gt now engulfed by Uma forces.


  • Jerry (Gt Leader) comes to Uma and request to end war.
  • Uma General (Wgfv) and Premier (Berat) decline.
  • Jerry threatens to bring a full on war.
  • Uma accept.
  • Uma General Wgfv claims victory.



Possibly claim

Reclaimed room

Didn’t claim

Golden Troop Claimed Rooms:

  • Iceberg: No conflict in room.
  • Ski Mountain: No conflict in room.
  • Beach: No conflict in room.
  • Dock: No conflict in room.
  • Nightclub: No conflict in room.
  • Underground Lake: No conflict in room.
  • Forest: No conflict in room.
  • Snow Forts: Gt fell back from forts to the town, failing to claim the room.
  • Ski Hill: No conflict in room.
  • Town: Main battle. Gt fails to claim the town and overcome the overwhelming Uma Dominance tactic

As you can see Gt failed to claim ONE room. Making the Uma automatically victorious. Nor was the battle fought in enough rooms. The Uma gained a large troop spike from the battle. The current size of the Golden Troops army is unknown but suspected to be smaller than the Uma European Division.

Clear Victor…

Underground Mafias Army


6 Responses

  1. “The Red Army is the Strongest!”

  2. Sorry I dint make it 😦 I was busy with homework

  3. i was going to do battle UNTIL right at the last second i was told to get off computer GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. English times are shocking i cant do anything

  5. sorry i didnt make it…. fyi i wont be at 90% of battles unless there on monday or saturday or sunday evening


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