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The Retirement of Draco Joe

That’s right,

 I, Draco Joe, retire from UMA. I have had many good times in UMA and eventually, I have failed..

Ths is my Club Penugin army story, Enjoy… :

One day in December 2007 I was on Club Penguin, my usual server I went on (Deep Freeze server) when my friend Froogly said he made a Cub Penguin army, I was puzzled at why, then he told me about all the major armies like ACP, UMA, IW, Nachos, Ect. So I joined his army.. The name of the army was FRO (named after the first three letters of his name) I then achieved the rank of 2ic then slowly, moved up to leader. After that I got fired then I went back on Deep Freeze one day and saw the IW. I thought they was cool because they was blue so I joined them and started shout “ICE WARRIORS ICE WARRIORS ICE WARRIORS!” But I joined them un-officially so I was patrolling Club Penguin servers I was at the room Snow Forts when I saw a Red army called UMA, I joined them and I was at first a ‘Nub’, ‘N00b’ Or mostly known as ‘NOObs’ I was under the leadership of  Howddy Yall, Potatoes4 and Lots of Pie I was a low rank of Corporal, and was not going to that many events,  eventuually I got bored of Club Penguin then in Febuary 2010 I went on XAT randomly and I saw one of my friends Explo (Howddy Yall) so I asked where he was, his reply was “Xat.com/UMAPWNZ” (Our old chat) At the moment the leadership was: Berat2beti, Mr Jibbs and Harvin13 shortly after Harvin13 retired… leaving UMA in the hands of Wgfv he was probably one of the only people nice to me when Iwas a noob I shortly made it to Moderator rank. then the leadership was: Zzmasterchf, Crazyboy86, Wgfv and 27Brian Then the site got hacked.. (as usual) And all the leaders got overthrown except from 27Brian, then 27Brian retired leaving his spot to Alfy3, Alfy then made a civil war And the leaders were Notru, Alfy3 and Berat2beti. Berat got impeached (I think :L) And Alfy, overthrown Wgfv was then made leader and he rebuilt UMA, then he made me leader as a promotion from 2ic UMA returned to it’s golden age and Notru stepped down a rank. and me and Wgfv were left in charge, eventually, everyone started to hate me, so I retired. Wgfv then, went to ACP chat and picked a random person to be UMA leader. That person was Pie1530, I knew UMA was not going to be good with someone who has never been in UMA before as leader so I came out of retirement Then I went on holiday, Trickster returned, Wgfv had a headache, leaders were temporarily- Derek, Trickster and Itachidark I then returned off holiday Trickster left and UMA was the same.


People I would Like to thank:

Froogly: if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know about armies

Explo: Persuaded me to re-joiin Armies

Wgfv: Awesome friend! couldn’t thank you enough..

Derek: You… Were….. AWESOME!!!!

Gamer: My sexy friend

Itachi: Sex…

Alfy3: We made a army together.

Hedcog: My rape buddy 😉

Kennedy: We made Pepsi Warriors

Bobby: We wasn’t friends now we are

Spiff: Pwnage friend

Omega (Rjse1): RAAAAAAAAAAAAPE Lol your were one of my BFF!

Pane22: Old Friend

Micro Ice6: Cool Friend

Harv: Really cool friend

Hurricane: Lol, your were awesome…

Andi: W00T0RZ! ANDI! 😉

Notru: You had a sex change on iCP?!?! YYour were great =]

Admiral: Usually quite

Berat: Idk 😛

Rainy: WOOOOOOOOOOO FOOTBALL FTW!! Good luck to Leeds 😉 Pwnage mate..


Well for the last time

Never give up UMA!

-Draco Joe

P.S. I will decide who will be next leader afterwards…

15 Responses

  1. I’m gonna miss you baby (crying).

  2. Cya Joe I will miss raping you

  3. JOEEEEEE NOOOOO! we will miss ya =[ have a nice retirement

  4. joe im so srry your leaving dude i really will miss ya alot thx for the good times though

  5. It was awsome to lead with you, I’ll miss you

  6. Cya joe, you were awesome, I remember seeing you as leader of a small army to become leader of this army.I thought you were the best leader of UMA.(No offense to everyone esle, their good leaders too.) Well I guess I’ll cya.


  7. Cya joe, we talked. It was nice while it lasted

    ~P.S. Andi dont dox me off of this (d)

  8. Im gonna miss ya Joe, btw I am a cool friend.

  9. :O Noooo, don’t do like last year. Everyone retires and UMA Dies…..

  10. 1 c4n b l33d3r? lolololololol

    Like my noob impression? 😀

  11. Leave it to notru to ruin a sad moment

  12. Yeah Ill still cya on xbox 😀 good luck to rochdale 😀

  13. No me…

  14. *cough*

  15. im sad


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