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The New Era of Uma ||| Uma now a people’s army


Uma the time has come. We need one last government reform. Federal Socialist Republic, The peoples army. The leaders will no longer decide, the people will. So without further ado. Our new flag. Isn’t is pretty..

Along with this the old constatution is crap. So I adopted this one:

Article 1. The Underground Mafias Army is a socialist state of the whole people, expressing the will and interests of the workers, peasants, and intelligentsia, the working people of all the nations and nationalities of the country.

Article 2. All power in the UMA belongs to the people. The people exercise state power through the mafia of People’s Deputies, which constitute the political foundation of the UMA.  All other state bodies are under the control of, and accountable to, the mafia of People’s Deputies.

Article 3. The mafia state is organised and functions on the principle of democratic centralism, namely the electiveness of all bodies of state authority from the lowest to the highest, their accountability to the people, and the obligation of lower bodies to observe the decisions of higher ones. Democratic centralism combines central leadership with local initiative and creative activity and with the responsibility of the each state body and official for the work entrusted to them.

Article 4. The mafia state and all its bodies function on the basis of socialist law, ensure the maintenance of law and order, and safeguard the interests of society and the rights and freedoms of citizens.State organisations, public organisations and officials shall observe the Constitution of the UMA and mafia laws.

Article 5. Major matters of state shall be submitted to nationwide discussion and put to a popular vote (referendum).

Article 6. The leading and guiding force of the mafia society and the nucleus of its political system, of all state organisations and public organisations, is the Communist Party of the mafia Union. The UMA exists for the people and serves the people. The Communist Party, armed with Wgfvism-Socialism, determines the general perspectives of the development of society and the course of the home and foreign policy of the Uma, directs the great constructive work of the mafia people, and imparts a planned, systematic and theoretically substantiated character to their struggle for the victory of communism. All party organisations shall function within the framework of the Constitution of the UMA.

Article 7. Trade unions, the All-Union Young Communist League co-operatives, and other public organisations, participate, in accordance with the aims laid down in their rules, in managing state and public affairs, and in deciding political, economic, and social an cultural matters.

Article 8. Work collectives take part in discussing and deciding state and public affairs, in planning production and social development, in training and placing personnel, and in discussing and deciding matters pertaining to the management of enterprises and institutions, and the use of funds allocated both for developing production and for social and cultural purposes and financial incentives. Work collectives promote socialist emulation, the spread of progressive methods of work, and the strengthening of production discipline, educate their members in the spirit of communist morality, and strive to enhance their political consciousness and raise their cultural level and skills and qualifications.

Article 9. The principal direction in the development of the political system of mafia society is the extension of socialist democracy, namely ever broader participation of citizens in managing the affairs of society and the state, continuous improvement of the machinery of state, heightening of the activity of public organisations, strengthening of the system of people’s control, consolidation of the legal foundations of the functioning of the state and of public life, greater openness and publicity, and constant responsiveness to public opinion.

Article 10. The UMA steadfastly pursues a Leninist policy of peace and stands for strengthening of the security of nations and broad international co-operation. The foreign policy of the UMA is aimed at ensuring international conditions favourable for building communism in the UMA, safeguarding the state interests of the UMA, consolidating the positions of world socialism, supporting the struggle of peoples for national liberation and social progress, preventing wars of aggression, achieving universal and complete disarmament, and consistently implementing the principle of the peaceful coexistence of states with different social systems.

Article 11. The UMA’s relations with other states are based on observance of the following principles: sovereign equality; mutual renunciation of the use or threat of force; inviolability of frontiers; territorial integrity of states; peaceful settlement of disputes; non-intervention in internal affairs; respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; the equal rights of peoples and their right to decide their own destiny; co-operation among states; and fulfillment in good faith of obligations arising from the generally recognized principles and rules of international law, and from the international treaties signed by the uma.

Article 12. The UMA, as part of the world system of socialism and of the socialist community, promotes and strengthens friendship, co-operation, and comradely mutual assistance with other socialist countries on the basis of the principle of socialist internationalism, and takes an active part in socialist economic integration and the socialist international division of labor.

Article 13. Defense of the Socialist Motherland is one of the most important functions of the state, and is the concern of the whole people. In order to defend the gains of socialism, the peaceful labor of the mafia people, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, the UMA maintains armed forces and has instituted universal military service.  The duty of the Armed Forces of the UMA to the people is to provide reliable defense of the socialist Motherland and to be in constant combat readiness, guaranteeing that any aggressor is instantly repulsed.

Article 14. The state ensures the security and defense capability of the country, and supplies the Armed Forces of the UMA everything necessary for that purpose. The duties of state bodies, public organizations, officials, and citizens in regard to safeguarding the country’s security and strengthening its defense capacity are defined by the legislation of the UMA.

If you don’t like it too bad because it took me forever to write that. The uma will now start conquering whole nations and add them to our socialist paradise.

22 Responses

  1. Maybe socialism will work for the first time in history?

    Who knows, Club Penguin armies are a lot different than normal governments 😆

    Wgfv: That’s what I was wondering. Only problem with Socialism in rl is the economy since we use prostitution as a currency we’ll do fine

  2. thats big coming from wg xD

  3. german empire and soviet russia FTW

  4. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of August. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our new army servers page.

  5. Jewish Nazi. (No offence jojo)

  6. I like the new flag

  7. That looks pretty cool, I managed to read up to Number 5 before I got bored, sorry. But it sounds cool anyway. xD

  8. Hi!
    Clubpenguinnews08 has scheduled a record-breaking cp line, that will go down in cp history. We need EVERYONE to help! It would also be very helpful if you could post the info on your site. All the information is on this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnBAcGM-P6g
    Thanks for cooperating!


  9. Emm did anyone actually read all that? I read the first line and stopped 😀

  10. I am a Notru, hear me roar! Here are these articles translated into my language.

    Article 1: Boring paragraph.
    Article 2: Boring paragraph.
    Article 3: Boring paragraph.
    Article 4: Boring paragraph.
    Article 5: Boring paragraph.
    Article 6: Boring paragraph.
    Article 7: Boring paragraph.
    Article 8: Boring paragraph.
    Article 9: Boring paragraph.
    Article 10: Boring paragraph.
    Article 11: Boring paragraph.
    Article 12: Boring paragraph.
    Article 13: Boring paragraph.
    Article 14: Boring paragraph.

  11. Why thank you notru

  12. yeah i didnt ready anything either.

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  14. i tried to read it DX sry Wg im at a grade 3 reading level. but from what i understood that sounds good. the only problem is will everyone in the army be added to the site? cus that would be kinda chaotic

    • No, i’m guessing the from the title people vote their decision? Idk though cuz i didn’t read it 😀

  15. This is Club Penguin not real :/ DUHHHH!

  16. yo im supposed to be 3ic so can u plz add my name to it thx


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