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The Great Alliance is BACK + PB with RFW (TODAY) + Legends Cup Battle #2 + Mass Recruiting (Uma, Nachos, Iw) + Won Summit + Lost Christmas


Joe Edit: I’m back from holiday.

Hi, The Great Alliance is BACK! …Whats this Great Alliance you ask? It is form of Uma, Nachos, Iw. This was created in 08 to get rid of the Acp Dictatorship (I think, right?) This war thing is canceled.. or well Nachos and Uma are out of it. I really don’t care much about IW and Iceyfeet that much anymore, I’ve been chatting with Icey, hes a cool dude… probably one of the normal-est leaders here lol xD

Also because of Rpf and Mfw not coming to the invasion of Christmas, and only Uma… we are no longer in that alliance. I mean come on -_- Thats stupid how they didn’t come and Uma did, when I didn’t even want Uma to go in the first place. So yes the Great Alliance is back and I thought you should be informed… I will post about our first attack later.


We are gonna have a Practice Battle with Roman Fire Warriors

Who: Uma vs Rfw

What: Practice Battle

When: August 8th (TODAY)

1:00 P.M Pst

2:00 P.M Mst

3:00 P.M Cst

4:00 P.M Est

9:00 P.M Uk

Where: SnowForts, Mittens

Why: I lead RFW with Pringle and I wanna see if their strong enough to take on the wrath of the Mafias. Lets own them (:


Edit: Most likely this will be your 2nd battle, and if so.. then if you come to this YOUR GETTING PROMOTED 😮 HAPPY DAY.


Heres the info of the Legends Cup Battle #2 :

Who: Uma

What: Legends Cup Battle #2

When: August 9th (Monday)

11:00 A.M Pst

12:00 P.M Mst

1:00 P.M Cst

2:00 P.M Est

8:00 P.M Uk

Where: Outback, Town-Plaza-SnowForts

Why: To go through to the next round.



Heres the Info of the Mass Recruiting of Uma, Nachos, IW.

Who: Uma, Nachos, Iw

What: Mass Recruiting

When: August 9th (Monday)

12:00 P.M Pst

1:00 P.M Mst

2:00 P.M Cst

3:00 P.M Est

Where: Frozen, Town-Plaza-Docks

Why: To Recruit and help our allies 🙂


(First army will be Uma then Nachos then Iw)

(To recruit for Uma you say, “LOOK UP UM A OF CP! RED FOR ROCKHOPPER” To Recruit for IW you say, “LOOK UP ICE WARRIORS CHAT” To Recruit for Nachos you say, “LOOK UP NACHOS OF CLUBPENGUIN”)


 We won over Summit, idk who took pics… but ya we won. They had 2 autotalker bots… and we stayed in 30 minutes, and they stayed in Town and Night Club and well we owned… if you took pics, comment them.


We lost Christmas/Icicle… idk who took pics either. If you did comment them. I told everybody that Uma shouldn’t of gone to the invasion of christmas, but I said sure idc why not. And what happened? Well Christmas was full so we went to icicle instead to make that the invasion place… and UMA WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOWED UP! No RPF! No MFW! Until like the last second! So I’m sorta mad because of that, Good job Uma though at Icicle, we were decent size…well in Dojo we were (Thats where we regrouped 🙂 ) So ya, Ashes or Pie next time you have a meeting, invite me so this doesn’t happen 😉 Your plans sucked… lmao.

~Be Scared


P.S If  you went to the  Christmas Battle and it was your 2nd battle, comment your name and you’ll get a promo, YOUR CP NAME.

58 Responses


  2. I will be uploading all the pics i have soon…
    look forward for recordings of UM A’s great fights1!1!!!!!!!!

  3. btw top is first and thisn is 2nd

  4. Jackmandang

    I went to it we were left alone in the dust on Icicle -_-

    That was fucking messed up.

  5. sigh those were my bots and there were 5of them … -wary-

  6. That’s pathetic. You stabbed RPF in the back! After they helped you get your server back, you repay them by joining with the enemy? The very enemy that TOOK that server? I hope no army ever helps UMA, they’re a bunch of traitors.

    Edit: UMA ARE NOT TRAITORS. Uma relized how pathetic it is so we backed out. Uma also wanted the Great Alliance back so it happened, Uma, Iw, Nachos. Uma and Rpf can still be allies? :S

    • If you ‘backed out’, you wouldn’t be on anyone’s side.

    • RPF will not ally with one who leaves our cause after we’ve spent hour and hours of labor into it because “Icey is a pretty cool dude”.

      UMA you signed off with all that was free and liberating because “Icey is a pretty cool dude”. I bet next time you’ll leave our cause because you thought your dog told you to. =/

    • To the edit 😆
      Rpf is continuing the war. Iw doesn’t need mass recruiting, all of the medium armies do.

    • UMA are not traitors? My definition of traitor is someone who turns on their ally. Isn’t that what UMA just did? RPF helped get your server back from the evil empire. You return the favour by backing out of the war because “Icey is a pretty cool dude.” Let’s not forget that Icey took your server. So yes, UMA is pathetic.

      • Taking 1 server from us isn’t as bad as making UMA fall completely apart in WW3. Plus IW was our ally longer than RPF.

        • Oh sure Itachi. Bring back WW3. UMA has MORE then paid us back for that, even if it did happen over 3 years ago. If you attacked us again for WW3 it would be, what, the 5th time you’ve done it?

          And in terms of alliance, atleast RPF didn’t occupy your capital. Atleast we’re always willing to put our lives on the line for you. IW WILL NEVER TREAT YOU AS WELL AS RPF HAS.

          IW will always look upon you as though they are your superior and WILL act accordingly.

          Edit: Your lifes on the line? This is cp…don’t get too ahead of yourself O_O

          • We have paid u back for u tearing us apart in WW3? Makes no sense. Just don’t comment before thinking about what u say -,-

          • @The Edit

            But that’s exactly what it was. RPF put themselves at stake to help you, many a time. This one war just being one time.

            @) The Response

            No it makes perfect sense. You given us far more suffering then the suffering we gave you in WW3. If you compare just what you intend to give us in this war, then no, WW3 is bigger. But put everything together and your WAY above RPF.

  7. We did come to the invasion smartass. We maxed 15 troops.

    • Where were you? No one told me you were on, I didn’t see you were on (Except in Dojo right before we logged off). Honestly, where were you?

  8. trick promo me i was at 2 battles in a day biatch xD

  9. and im from UK so i hardly come to battles but i try hard to come and i come to all of them so i want a promo …-.-

  10. Bullshit. UMA, you have causes RPF SO much pain and suffering. But we saw past that. We gave you another chance. We treated you like brothers. Anything you asked of us we supported and helped. But you leave us for having a bad showing at a battle that 1) ACP scheduled and 2) that was burried under other posts.

    Man, RPF gave you everything you wanted and you left us because “Icey’s a pretty cool dude”. There is still hope for you to rejoin the cause UMA. But act quickly, for it is fleeting.

    • Calm your nipples this is just a game.

      • If it’s “just a game” then why did you take UMA being insulted so seriously? Hmm…

      • Oh nice Itachi I havn’t heard this one before.

        This is almost as popular as “U MAD!”

        Itachi, WHEN RPF gets it’s revenge you will feel the same as me, and I will say the same thing that you have just said to me, and you will relize how little thought was put into it.

        And oh yes, there will be revenge. UMA will not always be bigger then RPF. Our sizes will twist and mold. However, whether or not we decide to pull the trigger on you will be what decides whether or not you suffer.

        Edit: Are you threatening UMA? (smirk) Thats then, this is now.

        • It doesn’t matter Mr. Edit, UMA will not always be big and RPF will not always be small, and vice-versa. Winning now will not matter if you lose then. The only way to prevent this ricious cycle is if we ally, and RPF knows this. You don’t yet understand.

    • Do you know how much suffering RPF caused UMA? We almost DIED several of times because of ur rebellion. But we gave YOU another chance. Then you failed to show to a battle.

      • Derek you have no idea. You have no idea at all. RPF hasn’t just rebelled and been void from your lives for 3 years. UMA has gone after us for WW3, a war almost NONE of them have seen or been through, about 4 times. We’ve fallen apart 3 times by your hand, you’ve fallen apart once by ours.

        And yes, we failed to show at 1 battle, 1 horribly scheduled battle that was burried under posts. But that is no cause for such a drastic action. We trusted you, and you stabbed us in the back without a second’s thought.

        Edit: We haven’t attacked you , so we haven’t stabbde you in the back.

  11. Hello! If you would like to advertise your army come and comment on my advertising site!


    See ya!

    P.S- Please comment and tell me your army info in this format-

    1- Army Name
    2- Army Size
    3- Active Troops
    4- Capital Server
    5- Army Colours
    6- Link

  12. Tricky, Your back temporaly, uma is saved xD. If you don’t know who the heck I am, I shall simply say that I am Johnnyluke

  13. RPF were there

    • Can I get a promo cause I have been in 2 battles in 1 day which is rare for me cause my parents don’t let me on the computer that much

      P.S. Rpf needs to learn that they really need to go to hell

  14. To Karakoran:

    You are trying to control other innocent armies and when they leave the alliance, you thrash them. RPF should be taught a lesson, not IW or any other army. I’m tired of listening to you everyday. And if you hadn’t notice, RPF is a rebellion from UMA. You shouldn’t be allies at all. Nachos, IW, and UMA are, were, and always will be brothers, my friend. So, go on and run your mouth, but when something bad happens, don’t come crying to us.

    • Ads you medal without what you even know. You act as though you are mearly a bystandar that has decided to play his hand at an event he knows not of.

      I am by no means “corrupting” armies that deserve to leave. If UMA had given us a proper reason other then “Icey is a pretty cool guy” I wouldn’t be ranting about it.

      Yes, I do know RPF is a UMA rebellion. But RPF grew up, and to be quite frank, it’s not like RPF ever really wants war with UMA. Every time RPF gets big again the soldiers ask for it and every time it gets struken down. But it seems that every time UMA gets big they imedietly decide to attack RPF. An alliance was something that might protect UMA from that, something that might make UMA feel as though RPF were friends. But I can see that UMA does not want that. They want this vicious cycle to continue, and unless both sides agree, it will.

      The Nacho, IW, UMA alliance was never in Icey’s intrest, until now. He threw it out when he relized siding with ACP would help him more then if he sided with Nachos. But now that siding with the Nachos again saves IW he’s using it as a technique to aid his survival. He will betray you again, it’s just a matter of when, and how.

      And oh no we wont. UMA and IW have both proven to be the two most untrustworthy armies in CP. They have proven that no matter how much you help them or how much you befriend them, they will ALWAYS act in their best intrest.

      And Ads every day it becomes clearer to me. RPF is always losing because RPF is always trusting. The more I trust an army the more pain RPF has when they ultimatly betray us. I have trusted UMA, Nachos, MFW, BB, PCC, ACP, and SF. But now it is only a matter of time before RPF is overrun, and only because we did not betray our allies first.

      Edit: My gawd… emperor shut up xD I don’t wanna make a huge edit but here it goes; You wouldn’t be going on and on if I didn’t say “Icey is a cool dude” so you want me to delete that then lmao and say something else. CHILL OUT. And your right, Uma’s first idea is to attack Rpf- whats your point. Uma = A War kind of Army, it was born that way and always will stay that way. And dude, Nachos-Uma-IW has been allies for 3 years… Rpf and Uma has been allies for like a week or 2. CHILL OUT. And if Icey betrays the Great Alliance…well I’ll see it coming, I did the last time. But I can easily forgive and forget with people that have been allies for years 🙂 And uma is trustworthy… but I never trust anybody and if I do then you must be worthy…im not a leader or have ever been in IW so I can’t speak for them… but again CHILL OUT.

      • I don’t think you can excuse going to war by saying that your a “war kind of army”. Infact that would be the best thing ever to say against UMA. A barberic army, inclined only to support themselves through all means nessisary.

        But anyway, the Nacho-UMA-IW alliance is no more then a tool that Icey used to further delay his defeat. It will fall apart, and it will be because Icey decides to ally with the enemy.

        And no, you are not trustworthy. RPF, is trustworthy. We carried out EVERY operation that an ally asked for. We never betrayed anyone. You have the higher hand now exactly BECAUSE you are not trustworthy. Now RPF will be fighting uphill, but if Icey is hurting from it, it’s worth it.

  15. Karak, pay attention to your own army please. And yes ty for treating us like brothers, and no we didn’t leave you because “Icey is a cool dude.” We left because you abandoned us at Icicle/Christmas or whatever. We didn’t see rpf until the last minute (Litterally), and same with MFW.

    Also Rpf is a rebellion of Uma, you still have to remember that, and exactly what Ads said. Nachos, IW, and Uma were allies, are allies, and always will be. And btw when Mpenguin (Retired Uma Leader with horriable spelling) heard we were fighting WITH rpf, he freaked out saying WTF. So idk.


    P.S. Relax

    • 1) One battle should not be an action to decide your alliance. We didn’t show up to 2 invasion so your going to have to flip your entire diplomacy around? Trick admit you have acted to harshly.

      2) That is in the past. RPF has managed to put suffering you gave us in 2009 and 2008, why can’t you put something behind you that happened even farther away then that? And no, IW will leave you as soon as it profits him. Remember how many times IW left Nachos for ACP? Remember that? Remember all the talks about, “What do we do? IW left us for ACP!” Remember THAT?

      Edit: 1) I shall not admit I have acted “Harshly” I told Commando that I dont trust anybody and that if Rpf screws Uma 1 time we’re out…you sorta screwed us at the Christmas invasion =/
      2) Umm did I say that? Did you just quote me? If you did, you have a great memory O_O And Icey and I are sorta good friends right now, if he leaves us when it “Profits” him… then idc, I’ll make up a plan and go into war. Its fine (:

      • True dat. We all need to calm down and take out our anger on iw

      • @Edit

        1) Really? We lost 1 or 2 battles in the WHOLE war, and we “screwed UMA”? Even if we did it was by no means intentional.

        2) No, I’m pretty sure that I just said the opposite of what you said.

        Anyway, the friendship will be seasonal as IW falls into peral again. Infact it may end up like UPA for this war. As for the plan, I’m sure it will be blocked when Icey gets ACP to join him because he wants to “honour the old IW/ACP alliance that was formed in 2009 to resist Nacho terrany”. Sound familiar?

  16. http://dreadfuldragonsarmyofcp.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/war-with-uma/ DDCP has declaired WAR on you and were trying to get other armies to help defeat the UMA.

  17. About the promo…
    Name: Runabout Dax
    Ive been to the UM A vs RF, defence of summit, invasion of frozen and part of the christmas invasion


  19. You know looking back at all my comments, I must’ve been in the zone. (wary)

  20. Ladies and gentelman! I give you: battle pics!
    be sure to look at some good pics from some of UM A’s battles HERE:


    soon I will be adding pics from our battle against RF


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