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I would like to formally apologize to all you people in the chatbox. If I have banned you, please log on to be unbanned. Reason for my “crazed banning” is in the post below. I am TRULEY sorry to everybody who had doughs about me.

Please think of me as the CompWiz5000 that was here about three weeks ago and everything between then NEVER EVER happened.

Theres two more things I need to talk about —

Leaders: Unfortunately,  there cannot be four leaders, for this is messed up. So me and Pink (not so much Pink) have taken back the UMA as leaders. But, since we are like addicted to World of Warcraft now… I would also like to leave some leadership responcibilities to the Second in Commands. They are Admiral, Chubby, and Mpeng. Chubby quit but he asked to stay on Ranks, so basically Ad and Mp.

New/Old UMA Chat: Some of you guys are making the old UMA chat the new UMA chat. Confusing, eh? Anyways, the UMA chatbox is the one found in the “Chatbox!” page… its the one I made. Now I know A LOT of you guys like Admirals chat, but I feel this need to be main chat owner. So please go on that chat.

Before my “rampage”… that chat was almost always… 24/7 FULL!!! I am talking about a serous load of people always online! Lets try to re-do this… so whever possible, try to get on the chat to talk around. Admiral and Mpeng are owners now (Mpeng log on so I can owner u) and they will make mods that they trust. If you wana go on the other old UMA chat I guess thats fine but not really. I am an owner there but I prefer you go on mine… if you like the background better I can change my chat to look like that so that I am still the main owner. I will  have a vote in the comments for that.


To vote, just comment. Polls dont really have an ending time, I am just waiting for a lot of votes.

I really wana use the UMA chat I made… but some of you guys like Admirals better. So I can change the background of mine to look like that one is Admiral sends me the picture. So, should the background stay the same, or change to Admirals.

Type Change or Stay… It does not have to be more detailed than that. Feel free to vote up to three times. Other than that… i will not count your vote.


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