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See you guys in the Summer

This Website will remain idle until sometime in Summer, when school is out and the viewers come in boat loads– please, allow me to explain.

I have been thinking, and Commando fully agrees with me on this, that a lot of people joined Club Penguin because Disney bought it out (personially, thats what I HATE about it, Club Penguin was so much better before disney… but anyways) and a lot of these people barely know what an Army is, nor do they give a small enough of a damn to do some history research to learn who people are in this world and give them all their proper respect that they diserve, I know I had to give my superiors respect when I was learning the army business many, many years ago.

So, one of the reasons is to give these ‘Disney Noobs’ a chance to read up and learn a new things, and for me to get some important things done in World of Warcraft, it will also be the chance when Pink Mafias and I spend pretty much the entire summer together, like 24/7 and we might get some contact with you all. Plus I have more free time in the Summer

Whats going to happen until the Summer? That may be a question on your mind but to be honest, I have no ideas. Is it within my intentions that this website will stay Idle.. but since Commando is also an Editor on this website he may have other plans. Quite francly, I do not care. Commando can do what he wants to this website until the Summer when I will be coming back. ONE THING THAT WILL NOT CHANGE IS THE LAYOUT THEME! It is old, and it has much sentimental value, it has been this way since the creation and I regret even concidering change. It will stay this way FOREVER!

What will I be doing until the Summer? That is a question Commando asked me… basicially I will pretty much be a lot more inactive, but not completley gone. I will be on World of Warcraft and I will still chill out on the Chats every not and again.

To summorize-

1- Website Idle and will not Change unless Commando has any ideas for it

2- I will be gone until the Summer but I will still be on Chats and such, do not expect updates from ME until the summer, but what Commando has in mind is unknown to me

3- This Layout Theme is staying exactly how it is, no changed (with the exeption of the header)




I will not be replying to any emails to my email address at — if you so happen to email me you will recieve an Automated responce telling you what this post says.

Come summer time I will start replying to emails again


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