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Hello My fellow UMA I have decided to make this post because reacently our old friends the RPF have made a huge comeback. Going from dead to over 30 active and beating Ice Warriors 4 times in a row. Now UMA for anyone who doesnt know RPF is a rebellion of the Blue UMA way back in 2006-2007 during World war 3 with ACP’s help this Rebellion grew and was the sole reason ACP won World war 3. Now over the past 2 years RPF died because Commando left and put incharge not the greatest guys ever. Ice warriors decided to attack taking many servers also UMA decided to attack as well taking Tuxedo and other major historical servers. The last attacks we did on RPF I led where I basiclly made Emperor make a post saying UMA was great RPF was trash and that RPF belonged to UMA. Eventually we didnt care and RPF declared independance again. But now enough History Class the main point is this is RPF still those hated rebels who we have to wipe out or are they possibly a new allie? UMA RPF isnt gonna go away its here to stay and we have to decide forever as enemies or atleast nuetral to each other.

Reasons to be friendly towards RPF

  • They arent going away so we have to get used to them thats for certain.
  • If we decide to stay enemies when ever get in a war RPF will look back at what we did to them when they were weak and use it as an excuse to join our enemies.
  • UMA could always use better allies IW arent good ones they want 36 servers! That means were gonna have to fight them sooner or later UMA.

Reasons to hate RPF forever:

  • The Only reason ACP won world war 3 was because RPF rebelled at a crucial moment when UMA needed all the troops we could get
  • Took lots of UMA servers for its own starting a 24 server empire
  • Brought down Pink Mafia

Now this may sound like and easy choice UMA considering what RPF has done to us but consider this we cant dwell on the past it happened we cant change. But these RPF are new if you went to RPF chat and asked how RPF got started I doubt most of them would know maybe a few mods or the owners but the soldiers no clue. Also UMA look at real history the USA would have never formed had France not intervened and helped them it just wasnt possible RPF is the USA and ACP is France! ACP supported RPF and made them big I say we can have peace with RPF but dont make peace with the ones who fanned the flames of REBELLION in the first place!

 uma-2-2-3-1-1-2-1-2-1-1.jpg picture by dodgerdog0909  Friends?   



1216537708642.jpg Russia and England image by Kloudishy

Comment and tell me what you think should RPF be ALLIES stay ENEMIES or be NUETRAL.

10 Responses

  1. […] was once an UMA rebellion. However, UMA is thinking about making RPF allies, and you can see why here. Anyhow, here is the […]

  2. RPF would rather be friends with you. We’re not intrested in attacking UMA and I hope vice-versa.

  3. But you did kill our Suped duper Leadh (d)

  4. Friends… It’s time to put aside old differences for the best of both armies..

  5. Neutral Friends :mrgreen:

  6. *grumble* Fine we’ll be friends, but only if they don’t confuse me with their smart scholar talk D:

  7. We can be allies… I mean… We will have to face them sooner or later, and I’m sure Pink Mafias would have left sooner or later…


  8. Nachos won WWII….

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