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Wgfv: Guys I have zoomed in the picture of the bot from dcp battle. For retards who didn’t see it HERES A CLOSE UP.

That sure as hell looks like a blue circle to me. But if Wgfv was by the clock tower that what is this??

Cas: Dont forget to attend the meeting today!

Hello Troops!

Yes, Im returning. A new era has risen. The Socialist empire. One of many great leaders has returned. We all have our opinions, But before I left.. I was a great leader I believe.

That has not ended. I am not retiring till im 15; In 2 years. I got fired from DCP. Wow by that fag overthere named brandon 🙄

I am currently GT 3ic, UMA Leader, & Acp Major General 😀

Now, You know the last invasion I scheduled in which we got 27 at? Lets schedule that again 😆

We will Be Invading Slushy MONDAY. I know its a holiday, But, Labor Day marks the day of soldiers. Soldiers relate to leaders and leaders go back to armies. This will be one **** of a battle.

Times and Other Info are below.

Server: Slushy, Town

Date: Monday, September 6th, 2010


Pacific: 1:00 PM

Moutain: 2:00 PM

Central: 3:00 PM

Eastern: 4:00 PM

I Expect 15-20 troops there.

Listen up, Its time to bring back the golden ages forever along with these other leaders and great soldiers 😉



10 Responses

  1. I can come 😀

  2. Jk, its LAbor Dayt but I have stuff to do with my family.

  3. british people cant come because its school…..

  4. im pretty sure i can go

  5. Please schedule some battles that are good for uk people

  6. Hegeman246 is coming

  7. ill b ther

  8. You can expexct to see me Masterj9440 will be there.

  9. you left uma!?!?!?!?!? wth nobody tells me nothing anymore DX

  10. Derek we need to talk on chat


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