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Well, this is my time up.My life is more than going on a virtual penguin game and waddling around throwing balls of white crap at 12 year old virgins who say “W00T0RZ!I AM TEH PWNZ0R OF U N00BCAKES! “I’m gonna call them WIATPOUN. In the beginning I was one of the people who try to fit in.I’m not gonna make some fancy speech, well I Might make a short one depends.IM NOT POSTING FANCY SHIT!I then learned to make friends and hate friends.The People who mostly I want to thank for supporting me with this retarted life:

Briffeh:Your always there for me,and never give up.Your truely a best friend.

Explo:We’ve had(and having) our fights, but you always talked other people out of  banishing me, and helped me to get where I am.

Wg:You were always talking and keeping me going when I wasn’t prepared to.

Brian:You gave me the opportunity to get high(for the sake of explo,HIGH RANK) .I took it.Thank You.

Dj:I didn’t know you for that long, and somehow you became leader.Your a great friend and always stay for company.

Ormsy:I was your apprentice when I was that odd nooby “WIATPOUN”.Your a good friend.

Bat:You might be reading this, and when I was a low rank you were a great leader.You even gave me my first days and powers.

Itatchi:Not much chance your reading this, but you were a great leader.Very funny and quite determined to the troops.

I would like to be kept on the site and be kept as owner on chat.

Bye UMA 😥

And to all those soldiers out there, goodbye, good luck!

Fight The Bad


P.S. My last battle will be against SF.

17 Responses

  1. you left ur other best friend out (d)

  2. Bye o1. Pleasure knowing you.

  3. Lmao brian gave you the opportunity to get high xD

  4. See ya o1. Goodluck in life.


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  7. even though i barely knew u o1 u were awsome

  8. “12 year old virgins”, as apposed to 12 year olds that aren’t virgins? o_O

    Kidding, have fun being retired

  9. bye bye o1. i hope i still see you on chat. although u didnt remember me, i dont blame u for not including me in ur post xD

  10. 12 yr old virgins? 12 yr olds can’t even lose their virginity because they cNt even bust.

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