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Response To Recent Claims

Despite reason claims, I fiddyy am not in UMA nor do I hack for UMA. I also did not create the Trojan Horses with any intent to help UMA. The Trojan Horses were created in September of 2009 5 months after i retired from UMA.The original members of the Trojan Horses were former UMA but they did not hack for UMA. The original members were me, Wurburt, and Crazy. They were both former UMA leaders at the time of them being in the Trojan Horses. In the current members of Trojan Horses, only one still plays clubpenguin, 2 are former UMA, 1 is current UMA, and 1 is highly respected in ACP. I have also heard some reason claims of Harvin13 bringing me back to UMA and Clubpenguin. Again I retired from UMA in April of 2009 and I only go on CP to make bots to scare noobs and do raids. I have been on UMA chat for some time so this refutes the claim that Harvin13 brought me back. I have also heard that the ACP leaders are saying that their doxes are wrong. 99.9% of the doxes i have compiled are correct. The ACP leaders are just trying to save their own asses. Due to the recent claims I have decided to raid anyone who opposes my organization, or our tactics. This means the Trojan Horses will hack your chats, hack your sites, hack your members, and fuck with your lives. As long as these false claims keep showing up, the Trojan Horses will not stop hacking chats ,sites, people and fucking with peoples lives. If you have any questions about anything said in this post, please email fiddyy@hotmail.com. Thankyou

9 Responses

  1. if Trojan Horses have nothing to do with UMA then why are all the Trojan Horses mods on UMA chat?

    Because We Hacked It ~FIDel Castro~

  2. I think people are just to stupid to seperate UMA from Trojan Horses UMA used to hack but only on CP and those were coin cheats and bye now all the cheats in CP are fixed so theirs real no reason to hack anymore for UMA. And if Trojan horses are mostly retired UMA and ACP!!! Then whats the problem its not like us in UMA have used them for our gain if we were well we wouldnt go around Doxing ppl we would probally kill their sites.

    P.S. Everyone in Trojan horses are pretty cool people Fiddy as and obvious example who make chat a whole lot more intresting.
    Alfy3:Suck up

    • Yah, plus I love some of there pages, the noob one was pretty interesting and funny, same with the levels of faggotry and the ACID page. I respect hacking groups, and like them as long as they dont go after me.

      A quote: “If they react by insulting everything around them in rapid noobish and causing general mayhem, it is because they are a noob and have had a small seizure due to their inability to understand what is happening.”

  3. […] Response To Recent Claims « |||UM A of CP|||The Offical Site of The Underground Mafias Army ak… […]

  4. Yea like a TH did to moonsquad and acid chats?


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