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PB A fail/ Recruition Plan

Hello my fellow UMA,

I have been appointed Temporary Supreme Commander by Wgfv. UMA has a major issue right now. We got a turnout of 4 at the PB. I mean, come on, SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Despite a full chat (mostly spammers, and people who’ve never heard of CP), only 4 is a dissapointment to the nachos who maxed with 20. It’s just because we have fell. Therefore I have prepared a recruition plan on both Xat AND CP. What is this plan you may ask? Well……


Weekdays will be spent doing what I cal “Single Recruition”. It means we recruit Unscheduled without a full army. For example, if you have 10 on chat, send 2 people to a different server. It doesn’t take 18 people to gain recruits. Do the same with on-chat recruition. Stay AWAY from ACP Chat.



Weekends will be spent recruiting as a group. Weekend is the time when the bulk of army soldiers and people are on CP so it is the perfect time to recruit as a group. Our first 2 group sessions will be posted in a day or so.


How long will we do this? Lets try this for 1-2 weeks before we decide anymore.

TRY AND GET AT LEAST 10 MINUTES OF RECRUITING IN A DAY. If you cant get on, dont worry, you won’t get demoted. Plan takes effect tomorrow!

One Response

  1. ikr i was there and nobody was listening to me and there were 3 others there so i left.


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