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*READ* New Leadership, Starting New (Ranks, Join) Battles/Promotions, Training Session, Chat/Battle/Basic Rules of UMA!

Edit#2: The Pb with Team Gold was awesome. No one took pics cuz we could careless, but we owned the 1st half and they owned the 2nd half. I say it was a tie. We had the tactics, they had the size. Team Gold, remember the Revolunary War? When the U.S (Rebelled) from England, they didn’t have much of a size but had tactics and England had the size but not very good tactics. Who won? U.S (Tactics).

Edit: Theres only 2 ranks of mods left, almost filled up. Comment now to get your mod ranks! (Btw people idc what your last rank was, we’re starting new with the ranks. And you should’nt complain if you don’t get your past rank because you can easily get promoted by attending 2 battles or 2 practice battles.

Wgfv’s edit: Heh, to all you people out there I am still  here, I’m just not leading for a while.. Also I will still be there if you get out of line (D)

 Hello guys, its Trickster. If you haven’t heard, Itachi and I are TEMP. Leaders, as WG is on a temporarily break because of his headaches. Dont worry he’ll come back.

 Right now I wanna tell you that we’re starting new… sorta. We’re starting new with the ranks, I have erased everyone off of the ranks besides the Owners and the Head Generals (Use to be called 2nd in Commands). I did that because well its much easier to add people then erasing and adding and erasing and adding… So I want to know who to add to the ranks, so COMMENT your CP name and I’ll add you. And I’ll be adding everyone from top to bottom, so MODS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT. Also we’re starting new with the Join page… sorta. We’re keeping the info and stuff but the comments are gonna be gone. Too confusing right now. So people comment on this post or on the join page as its fresh with no comments, and you’ll get your mod rank (:

 Oh ok now with Battles/Practice Battles, well this is gonna be fun 🙂 If you go to 2 battles or practice battles in a row you get a promotion! Simple as that. Sorry to the Head generals (use to called 2nd in commands) you wont get a promotion because there are too much owners right now, but the leaders will keep an eye on you guys to see who will be the next owner :O

 LASTLY, I think we’ve been a bit rusty with our tactics crap and all that lol, so I want us to train and get ready for battles in the future :O GRRRR (Thats like the football grr voice thing- u kno what just forget it)

 Heres the Info:

Who: Uma

What: Training Session

When: August 5th (Thursday) 2010

4:00 P.M Pacific

5:00 P.M Mountain

6:00 P.M Central

7:00 P.M Eastern

12:00 P.M U.K (I hope you uk people can make it, its summer you should be up this late 🙂 )

Where: Snowforts, Mittens. meet on chat: xat.com/uma_army

Why: To Train…


 Ok guys I hope you read all this, and I expect a lot of comments, commenting on being on the ranks and on the Training session.

Get Commenting 😀

~Be Scared


P.S Remember Team Gold Practice Battle post..

P.S.S I heard lots of our very own Uma Soldiers have been making CP Stories, well we’re gonna start publishing them on this site! Just give the link to Trickster and let him read it and if its good enough we’ll publish it here! (99% Chance that Trickster will like it so don’t worry 😉 )


Hello Itachi here just adding something to Trick’s post and that is RULES! Lately soldiers have been getting out of control and I’m just going to tell the rules and make some new rules. Unlike before these rules will be enforced by me so you must follow them. Here are the  colorful rules:

1. Don’t ask to be a mod/owner on chat. (First kick, then ban)

2. Don’t ask for a promotion! This is one of my pet-peeves. If you just care about a rank then leave. (First kick, then ban)

3. Don’t command over the leaders! I don’t care if you’re Co-leader, 2ic, 3ic, or advisor. DO NOT COMMAND OVER THE LEADERS! If the leader gave you an acception to lead a battle or session then you may otherwise keep quiet and follow orders. I know you all have fantasies about leading a major army and making it become huge and powerful but get it over, that time hasn’t come yet (or it might not even happen at all) and you are currently a soldier who has to follow orders, not give orders.

4. (NEW BUT VERY IMPORTANT RULE) During a battle do not speak on chat. Soldiers are supposed to be paying attention to cp more than chat and in my experiance lots of soldiers have been late on commands from talking too much on chat. DO NOT SPEAK AT ALL ON CHAT DURING A BATTLE only the Leaders and high commands speak and you may only speak if you have something extremely important to say or if you were told to say something (ex. Leader: Type in “Look up UM A of CP” say I when ready. Soldiers: “I!!”) If you’re speaking you will be kicked/banned or I’ll just cuss the hell out of you.

5. When you’re on chat just to hang out no exessive cursing. You may cuss but don’t over do it. (First kick, Then Ban)

6. Do not post porn/porn-related links on chat! (First kick, Then Ban).

7. Obey orders. A simple rule which is also one of the hardest to follow for some soldiers.

8. Don’t spam on chat! (First kick, then ban)

I’ll add more rules when I think of them but for now these are the rules.

28 Responses

  1. http://crazystorytime.wordpress.com/the-great-war/

    New Story, guys. Comment on the page to be in it.

    • 1 W4NNA B3 !N 1T LOLOLOLOLOL- Noobish The Language Of The Future xD

  2. winterburn13
    mod(no one fixed my rank so thats why i might be a member rank)

    Well your gonna be the top mod (Well under Head general) becuz this first come first serve. so congrats you are mod!!

  3. actualy nevermind that last part

  4. hi im a billy19bob99

  5. Hi I was supreme admiral before so yeh

  6. hey i need you guya to add me to the ranks i was a admirl i think btw im loda99

  7. im ian7101 add my rank

  8. Hedcog I commented on the join page to get my new rank

  9. I will be able to come to the training session

  10. Hey it’s Jb I commented there lol.

  11. Person1233, Oh I was UMA overlord last week.

  12. Itachi6dark, I commented on the join page and I’m supposed to be leader, Please don’t demote me…. 😥

  13. well this kind of sucks (d)


    Co leader(head general)

  14. Uno148

    I didn’t know we could read 😮

  15. Heh
    Im wgfv nuff said

  16. Jackmandang
    I was surpreme admiral

  17. 11jb22
    I was Admiral.

  18. king jojo3

    WGFV never updated it, but I was 2ic,. NOT 3IC. WG promoted me to 2ic

  19. wwewwfwcw
    i was 3rd in command (or whatever you call it now T_T)

  20. Bludeoxys23

  21. Well since were all naming ourselves… I’m explo 😀


  23. i was a a commander before u re did it

  24. lmao relax, like I said u can get a promo easily by going to 2 battles or 2 practice battles. u can have ur rank back easily. also i said im re doing the ranks so first come first serve, if u checked the site more daily then you could’ve had the same rank

    • Trickster, I guess I’m lucky because I joined and then went to see what the site was like, and found this!

  25. WTF im supposed to be supreme admiral and now im not on there
    btw im Nikkisix23


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