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It seems some new recruits (rookies) -privates- have been claiming to be the leader. Sure, they dress in the right stuff, go to wars, but from then on are confused and do not know what to do. This leads them to claiming they are the leader. No offense to any private. Some Privates know what they are doing from being an extremely high rank on another army. This is good to hear, but some privates have never been in a war.

This is why I am asking ALL privates, weather you have experience or not. To show up at Mammoth Dojo for training all day. This is not normal training, this is a war, after the war, then we will do some drills. The war will toughen you up and then the drills will teach you technique. Show up at any time and try to stay. The earlier you come and the longer you stay, the more training, the more training the better you do, the better you do the faster you get promoted. Also show up to more of these things if u cannot make it today.

YOUR GOAL: Is to attack the people in the Green Skin and some of them will be wearing the Roman Helmet. Attack those guys. Group up with the people in the UMA uniform.

-_-If you are above Private but you want to come anyways, feel free, it will only help your chances of getting promoted._-_


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