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Polls Closed and Touching Base

The govonor polls are closed. I lost, but guess who won.

The new govonor of Snow Storm is Pankake2 !!! Actually, I am pretty happy to lose to Pankake. I lost by only three points! He has 75 and I had 72… but when I checked I had 74, but I guess it had some time since I have started school and have less time to check up on things. Anyways, I am pretty happy Pankake won! Personally, I voted for him. In the debate he gave out this AMAZING SPEECH! Wow! It was spectacular! CONGRATULATIONS PANKAKE TAKE CARE OF SNOW STORM!

On another note: School…

Now I am probably aware that people have started school again, such as myself. This limits my time on Club Penguin and the website. Please excuse my delay before. I was on “club penguin vacation”. Saturday practice wars still go on and I will have catalog secrets posted up to date. It was mealy my CP break that made last weeks one a little off.

About Practice Wars: They still go on even if I do not show up. If I show up, I will either be early, on time, or late. ROFL! That probably does not make sense. It does, because I am busy now with school and after school curriculums and homework. I might not attend a practice war at all, but the wars still go on. Please remember your teams for they switch monthly. To view your team please view the RED vs BLUE practice war information in the “UMA RANKINGS, EVENTS, and UNIFORM” Page.

This page has all UMA uniform information, ranks, events, wars, and MORE+++ !!

So check up on them often (weekly is recommended) …

The last thing I want to covor is emails…

I share the OFFICIAL UMA email. It is shared upon the UMA leaders (Pink mafias and CompWiz5000) and the Staff (Mpenguin and Admiral) trusted UMA and extremely high ranked. The email is UMAsupport@gmail.com or just click the CONTACT US page and send us an email through the Contact Form! No email of mine required! Just fill out your message and information on how I can reply to your messages!


Well I hope you guys liked the MAJOR website update! It will have more modifications soon. So as of right now I am posting this website “Under Construction”… the forums are out for the public, but they are not of the page yet for fine tuning. So stay tooned!

Also, Vote for UMA of the month at the link to the left under the UMA picture!

I will be touching base since I am back and a little shakay on whats going on. I DO read ALL comments, but have hard times replying, but REST ASSURE THAT I DO READ THEM!!!!! I might reply with an email if needed be.

I hope this post helped clear things up!



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