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Our United Nation

Hey its Alfy3 and this will be a long post so lets begin ok in the current state of war our allies Team Gold,Ice Warriors and Nachos have been a great Asset to Our Plans to Get no.1. spot in top 10 .However in a recent contorversy,the Nachos attacked us while protected confedaration server of Fjord this threatens Our Army’s Friendly Reputation with the Nachos some of you may remember back in World War 5 a simmualer event occured.In on of the battles ACP Were winning with us and Nachos trying to defend until the Nachos decided to turn on their famous “Backstabbing” mode of which they turned against us and joined ACP Causing a bitter loss to us.Now i stand for the fact that if Nachos launch a suprise raid on us then we defend ourselves. i can inform all of you Notru is looking in to the situation thank you all for reading
Alfy3-UMA 2nd in Command

Bobby’s edit: Now if you all were paying attention, the Confederation consists of: Us, IW, TG, and NACHOS! We be break the allience with nachos that hole thing colapses. Which would really suck. And you never no, the surprise attack may of just been some noobs.  ~~Bobby~~UMA co leader

5 Responses

  1. Well if you do try to join ACP’s Alliance over the Confederation I’ll do my best to get RPF and PCC to support getting you a fair deal.

  2. the reason ONEE!11nacho attacked THREEE of us was cus someone said UM A UM A UM A.If nachos turn against us [5% chance of tht happening] we blame ourselves

  3. wtf nachos was like our closest ally for years

  4. WTF alfy! Nachos arent backstabbers. Icey is sometimes but never nachos. Suck it up nothing was lost just a little scrimadge battle. Cant you take losing!?


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