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Ok now that that’s out-of-the-way, UMA I have great news. Me and G have come to a understandig and there are going to be 2 divisions. A CP one and iCP one. I will lead the iCP one, and G will lead the CP one. If u would like to join, click the iCP page or comment under this post.

Thank you.

~You should have known, the claws of evil, and they has to know that you belong here yeah. No one to call, everybody to fear. Your tragic fate is looking so clear yeah! ITS YOUR FUCKING NIGHTMARE~


12 Responses

  1. Eww, it’s Harv.

  2. Hmm.So the iCP people wont be able to go on CP?iCP is very good.The only problem is you get the mods killing you for no reason in so called “tests”.

    • Technichley no on all three. iCP is a division for UMA, but you still can go on cp and help, but if you sign up its your duty to help iCP UMA. Plus to keep both accounts make a new penguin under a new name and new email for iCP.

  3. boobs.

  4. What is the point in this?

  5. Your guys are switching the the Insane Clown Posees? Jeesus, what has CP armies come to?


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