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Operation: Phoenix II (Invasion of Big Foot [TODAY]) Defenses of Alavalanche, Snow Plow, Half Pipe

Nakib: The site is almost done. Hope you like the Red Tiger Camoflauge :mrgreen:


Uma we have rebuilt! (again). It’s time to go on the offensive. During the first Wgfv Era we had operation Phoenix. We will now operate Operation: Phoenix II. The Invasion of all Gt land.

Invasion of Flippers=Victory

Invasion of Half Pipe= Epic Win.

❗ Invasion of Yeti ❗

Date: Friday, October 1

4:00 PM PST

5:00 PM MST

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST

12:00 AM UK


Invasion of Avalanche

Date: Friday October 1st

Times: 12:45 pst, 1:45 mst, 2:45 Cst, 3:45 Est and 8:45 UK/GMT

Where: Avalanche Town

*If full go to Windchill to fight for this server*


Invasion of Snow Plow

Date: Saturday October 2nd

Times: Noon Est pm, 11 Cst, 10 mst, 9 pst am and 5 Gmt/UK pm

Where: Snow Plow Town


Invasion of Half Pipe

Date: Saturday October 2nd

Times: 4 Est, 3 cst, 2 mst, 1 pst and 9 UK/GMT Pm

Where: Half pipe Town

*If full go to Mittens to battle for Half Pipe*

17 Responses

  1. Lmao. Please welcome back Riotors, ex leader/current legend of gt, to the golden troops once again mainly so i can kick your ass. :P. Prepare for hell Wgjv.

  2. Golden Troops managed to get 5 ppl to their defense OUCH!!!!!!!!

  3. il try to make some of the ivasions 😈

  4. I cant make it because its during the school week =[ sorry man
    im home from 8:00PM EST to like 7:00AM EST each school day.

  5. I can’t make anymore except MAYBE Snowplow if it runs for like, 30 or more minutes

  6. British cant do this on school days we cant make anything anymore?


  8. i can go to yeti

  9. i can come to friday

  10. GT Invading Avalanche, Snow PLow, Half Pipe, and Hibernate. Visit the Golden Troop Site for more details. http://Gwarmy.com

    Good luck.

  11. no ones at big foot


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