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Noone Cares But…

Looks like im out you guys. I’m not going to waste my time making some retirement post cuz quite frankly it will be deleted by some hacker in the next 2 months. I’m only posting this cuz I don’t want people to get pissed off at me for not being active so im basically become less active than Kg was when RUMA happened. Been a nice ride UMA. Good luck to ya and I hope you succeed in everything you do, army and soldiers need to know that.

God bless us everyone
we’re a broken people living under loaded gun
and it can’t be outfoght
it can’t be outdone
it can’t be out matched
It can’t be outrun

Signing off,

LinkinParkOwnzU, Aka Harvin13. UMA Ex-leader.

3 Responses

  1. aww harvv dont leave ='[ i was thinking this same thing about me, but i just gave myself a chance and now im back in uma

  2. […] Noone Cares But… Posted on August 20, 2010 by ๓คƒιค […]

  3. i quit uma
    Edit: Dude why?


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