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No more please

Please do not call me a hypocrite… I have stopped too.

ENOUGH WITH THE TRASH ABOUT OAGAL… I think I came up with a clever way to end this war. Here is a copy of my AIM conversation with Oagal…  *I was a bit angry at first, then eased up further down*


lectriclew (8:04:16 PM): Hey Oagal… can I ask you for a favor?
Firstburrito64 (8:04:39 PM): sure
lectriclew (8:04:52 PM): Please stop making up lies about the UMA and myself.
Firstburrito64 (8:05:16 PM): Lol, already done
lectriclew (8:05:13 PM): Meaning…?
Firstburrito64 (8:05:40 PM): I dont lie about you
Firstburrito64 (8:05:50 PM): I say some bad things, all of which are true’
Firstburrito64 (8:05:54 PM): but no lying
lectriclew (8:06:49 PM): Where is your factual proof about these rumors. And no, getting it off a “spy” in the UMA hence equals no good reason
Firstburrito64 (8:07:42 PM): Which fact do you have a problem with?
Firstburrito64 (8:08:04 PM): ?
Firstburrito64 (8:08:21 PM): ??
lectriclew (8:08:53 PM): I am displeased with your Enimie and lol posts
Firstburrito64 (8:09:20 PM): of course you are
Firstburrito64 (8:09:25 PM): waht specific part?
Firstburrito64 (8:09:58 PM): Because with “lol”: I am just (truthfully) countering your plan to get ACP soldiers to turn on me
lectriclew (8:09:52 PM): I am sure you are “happy” to know, since i know you dont like this war *chuckle* *cough* but I have arranged a peaceful and logical way to end this war with a truce/tie. If you have looked on RPF website, Commando prooves this pointless war.
Firstburrito64 (8:10:12 PM): In “Enemies’ I state nothing but th etruth
lectriclew (8:10:20 PM): ^^^ Please read
Firstburrito64 (8:10:42 PM): I already did
Firstburrito64 (8:10:50 PM): I already know this is a pointless war
Firstburrito64 (8:10:54 PM): anyway, what were you saying?
lectriclew (8:11:01 PM): http://www.pinkmafias.wordpress.com andhttp://www.rpfrulers.wordpress.com both proove ways we can end this.
lectriclew (8:11:13 PM): I respect the ACP personally becuase I relize their strength
lectriclew (8:11:28 PM): And personally I just (and pink) do not like how you run your nationb
lectriclew (8:11:31 PM): nation*
Firstburrito64 (8:11:49 PM): How do you personally propose to end this?
lectriclew (8:11:55 PM): Well at first a have proposed an election for a new acp leader…
Firstburrito64 (8:12:18 PM): no, but continue
lectriclew (8:12:04 PM): but I know you a little to well, you would never approve
Firstburrito64 (8:12:27 PM): and you would?
lectriclew (8:12:15 PM): So… I have come up with a different way
Firstburrito64 (8:12:30 PM): continue
lectriclew (8:12:35 PM): If we make a trio… the UMA, ACP, and RPF
Firstburrito64 (8:13:06 PM): and PRA (they have un-tapped potential)
lectriclew (8:12:55 PM): Before I go on… this only works if all three want peace, the UMA and RPF want peace, does the acp?
Firstburrito64 (8:13:17 PM): Yeah
lectriclew (8:13:06 PM): ok then
Firstburrito64 (8:13:28 PM): depending on how it is acheived
lectriclew (8:13:22 PM): If we formed a trio, then this could allow a huge unstoppible war
Firstburrito64 (8:14:15 PM): ?
Firstburrito64 (8:14:19 PM): where is this going?
lectriclew (8:14:14 PM): Wich would possibly lead to civil war, but this can be overcome with persuasion. My point in this is that we can completley end wars, and make club penguin fun again. Although wars are fun, fun wars will continue.
Firstburrito64 (8:14:48 PM): I know that
lectriclew (8:14:36 PM): Where I am going with this is a trio of the three strongest armies together controling the peace within CP
Firstburrito64 (8:14:55 PM): So basically an alliance?
Firstburrito64 (8:15:21 PM): I have already given thought to this….
Firstburrito64 (8:15:27 PM): or at least something like this
Firstburrito64 (8:15:35 PM): I will reveal all o fthe information later
Firstburrito64 (8:15:40 PM): *of the
Firstburrito64 (8:15:57 PM): anwya, cotinue
Firstburrito64 (8:16:01 PM): *anyway, continue
lectriclew (8:16:01 PM): Our previece allience war a bit confusing to me…
Firstburrito64 (8:16:26 PM): how?
lectriclew (8:16:26 PM): As MP and Admiral (trusted UMA) ran it, it was notofficial in some sorts of speech
Firstburrito64 (8:17:21 PM): what?
Firstburrito64 (8:17:25 PM): Our alliance was official
Firstburrito64 (8:17:27 PM): brb
Firstburrito64 (8:18:38 PM): back
Firstburrito64 (8:19:17 PM): seems fine with me, but here was my plan: We make some sort of agreement that will end any disputes
Firstburrito64 (8:19:27 PM): like a “code of conduct” for wars
Firstburrito64 (8:19:59 PM): plus: the Nachos need to limit their nation size
Firstburrito64 (8:20:18 PM): sure, there are a lot of “Nachs” but they dont even follow a leader, and they are unorganized
Firstburrito64 (8:20:24 PM): anyway, i will give thought to it
lectriclew (8:21:25 PM): Yes we can create some “code of conduct” or maybe adecleration if you will… somthing that gives us the big army final truce. This CP Trio if you will, will control the battles. If any real wars break out, they will be stopped. If its a fun war, hence by us, let it continue
Firstburrito64 (8:22:14 PM): sound fine…
Firstburrito64 (8:22:26 PM): another thing: We need to cut down on facism
Firstburrito64 (8:22:43 PM): Sure, msot leaders want facism, but is what causes most wars
Firstburrito64 (8:22:51 PM): *most, not msot
Firstburrito64 (8:23:14 PM): if soldiers blindly follow a leader, they will do anything for that leader, no matter the causts
Firstburrito64 (8:23:21 PM): brb
Firstburrito64 (8:23:30 PM): any last-minute things to sya?
Firstburrito64 (8:23:34 PM): *say
Firstburrito64 (8:23:37 PM): lol, too many typos
Firstburrito64 (8:23:57 PM): k, guess not
Firstburrito64 (8:24:00 PM): bye
*I was doing HomeWork at the time*


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