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**Updated** INVASION OF TUNDRA /New Chat Rules/ Uma Comes in 7th/ A Message to Batista

Draco Edit: Sorry to edit on top but Night warriors are invading Tundra from Watex Warriors on the same day, we will have to go for the other server.
Alfy3:We can Invade Tundra we invade it earlier and if they wanna mess with us bring it on.

:!:Guys I’ve decided to help keep our number 10 spot were going to invade Watex Warriors’  server of Tundra. Here’s Details. ❗

Server: Tundra, Snow Forts

When: Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Times: 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM UK

NO ALLIES!! The Uma will share Tundra with acp if we win.

Be there!


Guys it’s g out chat is out of control. I’ve been laid back on rules before. But we lost a troop because of it, and it needs to stop. Were 7th largest army again and we need to make sure uma is a fun and safe place. ALL RETIRED PEOPLE AND ACTIVE UMA MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES OR BE BANNED. So with that said I’m going to be like acp and be super strict. Just not as much guys. Seriously. Here’s the new rules for our chat follow them or be banned.

1. No excessive cursing. (you can cuss DON’T OVERDUE IT)

2. No spamming. At all. Ever.

3. Don’t ask to be a moderator or an owner

4. Don’t post sexual (porn) related websites

5 No advertising anything at all (exceptions are (umaofcp.com,clubpenguin.com or google.com), which means do not ask people to join your army. (you can post link if a leader asks for it).

6. No Fighting you hate someone just put them on your ignore list on xat not that hard.


Ok with that said guys I’m happy to say I came  on chat today and I see everyone happy that we were number 7 on cpa central. Good job guys we earned it. Here’s what cpa central said.

7. UMA: This is a great leap for UMA. They not only joined the Confederation, becoming a part of this war for their first time, but they also successfully invaded Flurry. During the invasion of Flurry, they maxed out at around 30-35, and consistently had 25+ throughout the battle. I expect a lot from them next week.

We’ll with that said, I don’t think uma is dead anymore. Pink Mafias dreams for uma will be realized. I’m very happy guys. This isn’t the end of it. We will keep going. And another message for all armies Uma isn’t falling like last year. We will keep going till we are number 1. And with that said I think we can all look to the future with hope.


Also we need to get Batista. Not saying names  *cough* notru *cough*lost the pass. Bat we need you to recover it.. pretty please.  So if your reading this reset the pass and leave a message or something with the new pass. Since no one wants to change chats.


Fight the Bad

Derek’s Edit: Yeah, ONE STRIKE HAS BEEN MADE. If someone posts an inappropriate link 2 more times, I am retiring forever and joining ACP. I am extremely serious so you guys need to stop.

Andi’s Edit; Guys I think G is right , I’m also sorry for my behavior D:

Andi, you are fine. It’s mostly the retired people because they can’t get fired from UMA since their not in it.

Explo: I hope your not blaming me wg because I never linked inappropriate sites on chat for a good few weeks. Also don’t try to blame it just on the retired people because a few owner ranks and a leader rank has also been posting them 😉 Also I think we need a new chat bg..

O1:Heya Derek just because I posted a pic of a woman with “pink mafia” on each of her boobs doesn’t mean you can join some pengfag army 😈

Bobby: I strongly agree with the cursing and porn bit. Not saying names *cough* max *cough* its getting a little out of control. The reason we are moving up a lot is because we are being on a lot more. We need to keep this up and Rebuild this army to its full potencial (never ending).

Draco: I strongly agree. if we can keep control of our rules then it won’t scare away new recruits and UMA will have more troops.

Brif:Briffeh is still here :O

o1, I got grounded for 5 months. (4 and 29 days currently) o.O

Notru: LOL Edit spree 😀

10 Responses


  2. Nice going NOTRU.and btw im glad that your infocring thse rules so i dont have to scroll down the page when evr my parents come in T_T

  3. Wow. Sometimes this army is so bad. Why try to cheat GT out of IW battle? Some good people here. Others dickheads.

  4. Wow your invading the same server as NW just two hours earlier XD fail

  5. Didn’t I try to join this army once?

  6. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of July. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our new army servers page.

  7. Bobby fails

  8. WW is invading you. http://wwofcp.com/2010/07/07/its-all-about-fun/

    My advise, if the NW invasion fails to win then invade Tundra at the same time as they invade Mittens only make the invasion allies so you can call in NW and the Confederate to help you.

    For winning the defense I hope you can, but the odds are stacked against you.

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