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My Retirement

 Hurricane edit:o and Bat don’t be editing my posts (d).  

   BAT! YAY!

 Hurricanex1 here with The Punishment,

  Wow, when was it the last time I was on this site huh xD. Well, yes I’m retiring from UMA for good. UMA was one of my favorite armies and I have already lived one of my club penguin armies dreams as leading UMA, I think its time for me to move on. I have had fun as 3ic and coming back trying to make a change, but hey UMA is doing pretty well with out me =D. I won’t make this post long,but heres some people I would like to thank.

Wgfv: Gave me another chance at becoming a UMA troop,and is like a bro to me.

Tricky: Well, Trick is one of the best troops/ Leaders UMA have ever had, and my Ex. <3, No jk lmao.

Harv: Also another great leader in UMA.

Joe: Don’t give up on UMA like some people 🙄 . Will be a great Leader to UMA.

Bat, Kj, & Apolo: You crazy fools D:<

Live on UMA

-The Punishment


11 Responses

  1. aww hurricane 😥 dont retire! we will miss you though. have a great life.

  2. Why the fuck am I a crazy fool?:O


  3. I didn’t edit the post?


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