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Mouses game review

Ok so a while back i made a post on gears of war well today im going to post on…..

Final fantasy!
Specificly final fantasy 10
Personally i believe it is the best one of the series ff7 trailing closely behind
It has a brilliant stroy line and one of the deepest i have ever seen in a game
Amazing gameplay and graphics for a ps2 game some cutscene resembling that of 360 and ps3 grahpics
The maps are pretty much straight and side scrolling altough there are other paths to take it can be a bit of a nusense as i found out as i had too treck back about 10 fields very irritating although it becomes alot easier when you get control of the airship. This game has many puzzles and bosses that sometimes can be near impossible if you dont level up and sometimes use a walktrhough.
It is set in a world called spira and follows the main character tidus along with his many friends Auron his fathers old friend.Yuna a young summoner.Wakka captain of the besdai aurochs blitzball team and also yunas gurdian.Lulu and kimahri two more of yunas gurdians.Later on in the game you meet rikku a youg al bhed girl. The main evil in the game is sin although there is also seymour but i wont go into that queero.
Sin is a monster that Can not be killed even when you kill it it comes back ten years later.

I wont go into much more if you want to leanr about the story buy the game it is really good


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