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Message to Team Gold

Bmf Edit: Team Gold, an army in my eyes, that has NEVER caused a war, or gets sucked in by its mortal enemies. Seeing your situation now, your screwed. RPF has been rising again, and this is a new low even for an army that claims they “Bring it on”. I know that there is no way UMA endorses this war, but what I endorse is Wg’s offer. UMA has also been rising, because in a way, RPF and UMA are one. And together, we can kick some major ass! So, as a dedication, I have salvaged an old Team Gold recruiting video:

!Warning, too explicit for the guppies!

Berat2beti Edit: My fellow UMA I agree this war is right and just and we have much to gain the TG Imperialists will not stop until they have all the land even if they cancel invasions of RPF lands that doesnt make them innocence. They will not return the land and I say good gives us a chance to use our full military force those Blue Scar mafia Blood Mafia and Shadow Mafia were prepped and ready for war but now it seems it isnt the GT that will face our wrath it will be the TG! If TG thinks it can just attack UMA’s comrads they have another thing coming prepare for war UMA because their’s no doubt in my mind it will come! Chairman Wgfv may not take sides but I’ve seen enough to know TG started this war because it though RPF was weak.

Team Gold,

It had come to my attention that you have a war fuled by hate. Grow up. The Uma request that Tg give back Rpf’s land 48 hours after this post is published. If at that time Rpf does not have all their previously invaded land, Uma will invade it back.

Team Gold you are ranked third, start acting like it. What are the roots of this war? You didn’t like the comments rpf lead? So you declare war.. Can we try to ignore these comments? Tg is currently ranked 3x as much as Rpf is.[

No, I am not endorsing either side. I listen to reason. I see a grave injustice here. I will make this post short. And my message clear.

Team Gold you have until October 6, 2010. As of 6:00 am central stand time, to return all invaded land to the Rpf. If at that time the land is not restored Uma will take it by force. ❗


4 Responses

  1. 1st
    let all hell that is UMA be unleashed upon TG

  2. Thank you comrades. Your bringing of justice is most welcome to RPF.

  3. Rihanna reversed LMFAO

  4. lol gt now tg XD


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